Historic Photo Archive in Portland, Oregon, is a privately owned collection administered by Thomas Robinson. It is located at 1673 SE Harney St., Portland OR 97202-7205, telephone 503-460-0415. It is open to researchers by appointment only. This is not a retail store, there are no products or stock here for sale. I offer reproductions of historic photographs and motion picture film to the media, authors, publishers, researchers or commercial decorators on a wholesale basis. I do drum scanning for many photographers, publishers, and other archives and universities.

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  1. Hi there – I am a Photographer, Artist, and Middle School Art Teacher, and in some recent research to show my Digital Art students former types of “cutting edge technology” and some constant artistic elements of photography, I stumbled upon one of my own relatives who was at the forefront of his own craft. He happens to be one of the Oregon Photographers listed on your site (Elmer A. Chindlund). I had no idea he existed, but of course am thrilled to be able to share a personal connection with my students. I would love to be able to see and share Elmer’s (and brother F.W.’s) portraits and work if possible. I am especially looking for a very large (6′ wide negative!) panorama of the Willamette Valley taken from Mt. Bandy in 1910. If you have this or any images you would be willing to share, it would be much appreciated.

    Many thanks!

  2. Thank you for including my great uncle manley baltzegar on your site! It was lovely to see his information on here. I grew up hearing stories about how he was the first african american photographer in portland, oregon.

    My grandfather and a few of his siblings came here before world war 2 from whitehouse, texas. They were from a family of 22, 20 of them were my grandfather’s siblings.

    My grandfather, ben baltzegar, his brother manley and their sister mary lou came here in the 1940’s

    1. Thank you for providing those details! I will try to add more information as I run across it. There is only one other Black photographer active in Portland before World War 2, his name is James Wasson. I hope we can learn more about these pioneering and talented photographers. Thomas.

  3. Hi, I am Frank G. Abell’s great great granddaughter and I just found your site. This is by far the best and most extensive biography that I have found. It includes things that I did not know previously and provides an amazing chronology of a busy and hard to follow man, genealogically speaking! You mentioned that your book is out of print. Is there any way that I can obtain a copy? Is it sold on a secondary market? Does it include photographs that he took? I would love to have a copy! At the top of the article, you mentioned my great-grandfather George Lauder Abell. He died in 1943. He was an accomplished man in his own rite. He also was a photographer who, at one time, had a photographic studio in Wellesley, MA with William Partridge.
    Thank you so much for this information. You have truly made my day!!!

  4. I would like to come for a visit to look at the photographs of the Goldsmiths. The three of them were part of the 26 founding members of the MAC Club in 1891.
    I think Hugo and Milton were brothers and Louis was their cousin. Do you know their family backgrounds?
    I look forward to a visit, Lori Delman

  5. Thanks for your website! What a treasure! I couldn’t figure out this photo of my great aunt (Musa DeMouth, born 1903) because she didn’t move to Portland until the 1920s. You had enough information about the Davies studio to connect the dots for me. Musa’s mother had done itinerant work cooking at logging camps long before the family moved permanently west, and those dates matched the active dates of the studio.

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