The Robinson Printing Works makes Archival black and white silver-gelatin fiber darkroom prints from all kinds of glass and film negatives. Tom Robinson has been printing fine art photography exhibitions since 1988, beginning as darkroom printer for Oregon photographer laureate Ray Atkeson. Master printer Jenny Ankeny has been working at Robinson Printing Works since 1999. Our price structure is geared towards photoghaphers, or galleries who represent them, who need an inventory of real darkroom photos printed for them on a wholesale basis. Our prices haven't changed since 1996.

Wholesale prices for archival fiber prints
Work includes custom cropping, dodging & burning manipulation.
  first print each additional print
5x7" $15 $7.50
8x10" $25 $12.50
11x14" $40 $20
16x20" $60 $30
20x24" $130 $65

8x10" Proofs, contacts, enlarged contacts $10

other sizes of proofs please request quote

These prices are our lab rates for making prints from customer-supplied negatives. These are not prices for purchasing prints from negatives owned by Historic Photo Archive.

We offer a Package Deal For Archives and Museums.

For $50 per image you’ll receive the following:

1- Archival fiber 8x10" darkroom fine print

1- High resolution drum scan

(raw unaltered scan PLUS publication quality processed scan on 1 disc)

1- Digital proof print 8x10"

(25 images minimum )

For printing scratched or lacquered negatives, wet-gate mounting using Kami or Lumina fluids is available at extra cost. Please request a quote since the cost is dependent on whether the negative is glass or film, its size, and whether one or both sides of the negative need wet mounting.

Enlarger list
10x10" Saltzman with Aristo VC head
10x10" Omega with Aristo head
4x5" Omega D5 with Aristo head
6x9cm Leitz Focomat 2C
35mm Leitz Focomat 1C with anti-newton glass

We have a large collection of lenses for the Omega and Saltzman enlargers, including Nikkor, Schnieder and Rodenstock. The Focomats are equipped with Leitz Focotar and Nikkor lenses. Negative dust removal is accomplished by using a medical grade air compressor fitted with an ionizer. Darkroom timers are Metrolux with compensation feedback from the light head to ensure consistent results in edition printing. A Wing Lynch electronic control valve regulates water temperature. We run three archival print washers simultaneously.


Our new location is in the Historic Photo Archive building.

8250 N. Lombard St.

Portland OR 97203


Darkroom entrance door is in the parking lot behind the building.

Hours are 9 AM to 5 PM Monday - Friday, Pacific time.