Seifert, Emil F. (Stayton, Hoskins, Forest Grove, Kings Valley, Independence)

Seifert, Emil F.
Seifert & Leopold
Columbia Gallery
1889 Stayton
1891 Hoskins
1904-1907 Forest Grove
1915 Kings Valley
1922 Independence
Directory Listings
1889 POWI pg. 470 Stayton “Siefert, Emil photographer”
1891 POWI pg. 296 Hoskins “Seifert, E., photographer”
1905 POW pg. 214 Forest Grove “Seifert, Emil photographer”
1915 POW pg. 1491 photographers “Sifert, E. F., Kings Valley O”
Photographer’s Imprints
“Staehr Sisters Photo Gallery, Forest Grove” Staehr Sisters is crossed out and E. F. Seifert is written in.
“Photo by E. F. Seifert, Forest Grove, Ore.” rubber stamp on mount, 5×7 outdoor view of Hillsoboro area farm (WCM # LP 72-85/80-6)
“Columbia Gallery, Forest Grove, Ore” rubber stamp on mount back, 3 1/4″ x 4 1/4″ contact print of studio group.
News Items and Advertisements
1904: “Go To E. F. Seifert For All Kinds of Photograph Work. Gallery North of Woods & Adams.” Index, Pacific Univ., 17 May, 1904, Vol. 3, No. 32, pg. 2. (courtesy Eric Stewart)
1904: “THE COLUMBIA GALLERY:- The desire to preserve the pictured semblance of loved ones is as natural as life itself and we take pleasure in presenting to our many readers a brief sketch of Messrs. Seifert & Leopold, photographers of the Columbia Gallery. These gentlemen are both expert artists and have spent several years in the business. They do all kinds of photograph work, and viewing. The effort of their life is spent with newly married couples, groups, students, and babies.” Washington County News, (Forest Grove) 30 June 1904, pg. 5. (courtesy Eric Stewart)
1907: “The many friends of Archie Bryant will be glad to hear that he has purchased the photograph gallery of E. F. Siefert and will put in a high grade lense which he used in San Francisco in one of the biggest galleries in the Golden Gate city. He will also put in new screens and backgrounds and will have the peer of any studio west of Portland. Mr. Bryant is well known in this city, having received his education here and is a popular, jolly good fellow, which together with his artistic ability ought to insure him a good business. Miss Lilly who has been in the employ of Mr. Siefert will continue to work in the gallery. Mr. Bryant will take charge in person after August 1.” Washington County News, 18 July 1907
1922: “E. F. Seifert View and Portrait photographer. Kodak Finishing. Old Pictures Copied. Independence Studio, Independence, Oregon.