Trover, Howard D., Mr. & Mrs. Anna L. (Salem)

Trover, Howard D.
Trover-Carter Studio
Trover-Cronise Studio
Trover-Weigel Studio
1893-1940’s Salem

Directory Listings
1896 Salem Direcctory pg. 112 “Trover, H D (Cronise Photo Studio) res 160 State”; “Trover, Mrs. Anna L (Cronise Photo Studio), res 160 State”; pg. 45 “Cronise Photo Studio, Mr and Mrs H D Trover, props, photographers, 160 State” plus display ad “The Cronise Photo Studio, 160 State St., Salem, Oregon. Monday Reserved for Children”
1901 POWA pg. 367 Salem “Trover, Howard D photographer Eldridge blk”
1903 POW pg. 413 Salem “Trover, Howard D photographer Eldridge blk”
1905 POW pg. 499 Salem “Cronise Studio, The, H D Trover propr, over New York Rackett Store” (not listed for N Y Rackett store)
1907 POW pg. 550 Salem “Trover-Cronise Studio, H D Trover propr, Eldridge block”
1909 POW pg. 482 Salem “Trover-Cronise Studio, H D Trover prop, Eldridge Bldg”
1909 POW pg. 482 Salem “Trover’s Studio H D Trover prop, 442 State”
1910 Or. pg. 292 Salem Photographers “Trver-Carter (sic) Studio, 442 State St.”
1911 POW pg. 469 Salem “Trover’s Studio, H D Trover prop, 442 State”
1911 Salem pg. 275 “Trover-Carter studio (Howard D. Trover, Herbert S. Carter) photgrs 442 State”, “Trover, Howard D. (Trover-Cater Studio), res 1880 N Water”
1913 POW pg. 1951 photographers “Trover & Weigle, Salem O”
1913 Salem pg. 250 “Trover-Weigel Studio, (Howard D. Trover, George H Weigel) photgrs 442 State”, “Trover, Howard D. (Anna L.) (Trover-Weigel Studio) photgrs 442 State”
1917 POW pg. 1535 photographers “Trover & Weigel (sic), 442 State, Salem O”
1924 POW pg. 462 Salem “Trover Howard D photog 178 N Commercial”
1934 Polk Salem pg. 356 “Trover Studio (Howard D. Trover) photogs 122 N Commercial”; “Trover, Howard D (Trover Studio) h 122 N Commercial”; “Trover, Anna L Mrs gift shop 122 N Commercial r do”
1942 Polk Salem pg. 430 “Trover Studio (Howard D. Trover) photogs 122 N Commercial”; “Trover, Howard D (Anna L) (Trover Studio) h 122 N Commercial”; “Trover, Anna L Mrs gift shop 122 N Commercial h do”
Photographer’s Imprints
“Trover-Weigel Studio, Salem” blind stamp on small portrait, ms date 1913.
News Items and Advertisements:
1915: “STATESMAN SUED FOR LIBEL. Photographer In Capital City Would Recover $7500 Damages. Alleging libel, H. D. Trover, a photographer of Salem has instituted a suit against the Statesman Publishing company of that city, asking for $7500 in damages. Trover was recently convicted in the municipal court there of violating a city ordinance by giving a glass of beer to William Gaunt- – In a news Item appearing In the Statesman with relation to his conviction. It was alleged that Trover had been convicted of selling the beer, it is charged in the libel suit, when the jury had only found him guilty of giving it away. The charge as reported In the news item constituted a violation of the state law as well as a city ordinance, while the charge upon which conviction was had was only a violation of the city ordinance.” Polk County observer. (Monmouth), May 21, 1915, pg. 3, col. 3.

Seyl, Susan; The Art Perfected, Portraiture From The Cronise Studio, Portland; Oregon Historical Society 1980. pg. 9 “In 1893 the Cronises hired a young photographer, Howard D. Trover to work in the studio, replacing a Miss Cravens who had worked with Anna for a short time. Howard and Anna were married in December of that same year… …Anna and Howard’s Cronise Photo Studio, located in the Eldridge Building at Commercial and Chemeketa, was renamed the Trover-Cronise Photo Studio after 1907 to avoid confusion.”
Photographer’s Association of the Pacific Northwest, Programme of Seventh Annual Convention, September 3rd – 6th, 1907, Seattle; n.p. 1907. (unpaginated) “Members Photographic Association of the Pacific Northwest 1907…Trover, H. D.—Eugene, Ore…Trover, Mrs. H. D.—Salem, Ore…”
Goodman, Theodosia, “Early Oregon Daguerreotypers and Portrait Photographers”, Oregon Historical Quarterly, (Portland; Oregon Historical Society) Vol. 49, No. 1, March 1948, pg. 47.
Winroth, Elizabeth (ed), Union Guide to Photograph Collections in the Pacific Northwest, (Portland; Oregon Historical Society, 1978) pg. 83.