Eastman, Melton or Milton S. (Cascade Locks, Elgin, Portland)

Melton or Milton S. Eastman

1891 Portland
1891 Cascade Locks
1900 Pullman, Colfax, Moscow ID
Baker City, Elgin
1899-1903 Seattle WA
Railroad Photograph Car
M. S. Eastman had the same Portland address as G. L. Eastman

Employee Listings
Aerne, Robert, photographer for M. S. Eastman 1891

Directory Listings
1891 POWI pg. 204 Cascade Locks “Eastman, Melton S., photographer”, pg. 446 Portland “Eastman, Melton S, photographer, 281 1/2 1st.”
1891 PCD pg. 272 “Eastman, Milton S, photographer 71 B rms 281 1/2 1st”
1899 Seattle Directory: M. S. Eastman, 314 Pike St.
1900 Seattle Directory: M. S. Eastman, 314 Pike St.
1901 Seattle Directory: M. S. Eastman, 211 1/2 Pike
1902 Seattle Directory: M. S. Eastman, 2211 1st Ave.
1903 POW pg. 723 Seattle “Eastman, Milton S photographer 2211 1st av”

Photographer’s Imprints
“M. S. Eastman, Tourist Photograph Car”
“Baker City, Ore. Prof. M. S. Eastman. Elgin, Ore.”
“Eastman Studio, 2211 First Ave., Seattle”
“M. S. Eastman, Photograph Car” cabinet card imprinted front.

Brown, Robert O., Nineteenth Century Portland, Oregon Photographers: A Collector’s Handbook (author; Portland, 1991) pg. 62
Hart, Arthur A., Camera Eye on Idaho, (Caldwell; Caxton 1990) pg. 47, 160. Hart mentions he has seen imprints of M. S. Eastman from Pullman, Colfax, Moscow. M. S. Eastman is in the 1900 census for Boise, ID, and his birth is recorded as being in 1848 in Maine.