Abrams, James L. (Sumpter)

James L.  Abrams (Sumpter)
This photographer made 8×10” views of Sumpter in January, 1901. They were signed Abrams and dated on the negatives and thus appear in all the prints. His photo mounts were not imprinted with his name, so most of his work cannot be identified. James L. Abrams is listed the 1901 directory as a photographer in Sumpter. It is possible that he was the operator of the American View Co. (q.v.), which had a studio in Sumpter about the same time. One view taken in January 1901 is signed in the negative “Ph’td for J. W. Cowden by Abrams.” John W. Cowden (q.v.) was listed as a photographer in Sumpter in the 1903 and 1905 directories.
Directory Listings
1901 POWA pg. 381 Sumpter “Abrams, James L, photographer”
Photographer’s Imprints
“Ratchet Wheels and shaft for Bed Boy hoist plant. Transferred from Sumpter, Or. Jan. 5, 1901. by S. T. Co. Tom McEwen Mgr. Ph’td for J. W. Cowden by Abrams.” captioned in negative, 8×10 contact print (WCM # LP72-1571/1635-95)