Aerne, Christopher Jr. (Portland)

Christopher Aerne Jr. (Portland)
Aerne Studio, Aerne & Nordstrom.

Christopher Aerne began his professional photography around 1897 by working as a photo printer. In 1898 he was working for C. U. Hyland (q.v.), and by 1900 he worked for C. A. Krauch (q.v.). In 1903 he opened his own studio with Carl Nordstrom called Aerne & Nordstrom at 133 1/2 5th St. (between Washington and Alder.) This studio was being vacated by Robert Aerne (q.v.), who called his studio the “Aerne Photoscope Co.” Aerne & Nordstrom’s business cards were real photo prints and pictured a dramatic semi-nude. Nordstrom was a short lived partner and Aerne continued the studio as a sole proprietorship. He used employees, including John Hanson (q.v.) and Frank Smith (q.v.). He remained in that location until 1909, when he moved next door to 129 1/2 5th st. In 1911 he sold the studio to his clerk, Nora Pritchard (q.v.) and she moved it to room 4 at 352 1/2 Washington (between Broadway and Park). The studio was out of business by 1914. After he sold the studio, Aerne operated the Boyd Taxicab Company until it closed around 1916 when taxi service became regulated. Christopher Aerne then moved to Tacoma, Washington and opened a photo studio in the French building called C. Aerne & Sons. He is noted for his photography with a cirkit panoramic camera of military groups at Fort Lewis in 1918.
Employee Listings
Hanson, J. John photographer 1905
Pritchard, Nora, clerk 1910
Smith, Frank J. printer 1903
Directory Listings
1894 PCD pg. 155 “Aerne, Christian r Clay n w cor 6th” (probably father of photographer)
1896 PCD pg. 134 “Aerne, Christian, farmer, res 415 E Clay” (prob. father)
1897 PCD pg. 134 “Aerne, Christian, photo printer, bds 415 E Clay”; “Aerne, Christian, bds 415 E Clay”
1898 PCD pg. 134 “Aerne, Christian Jr., photog C U Hyland, bds Richmond”; “Aerne, Christian, bds Richmond”
1899 PCD pg. 125 additions and removals supplement “Aerne, Christian Jr, b 453 E Salmon”; “Aerne, Christian res 453 E Salmon”; pg. 134 regular listings “Aerne, Christian Jr, photog C U Hyland, bds Richmond.”; “Aerne, Christian, res Richmond”
1900 PCD pg. 134 “Aerne, Christian Jr, photog C A Krauch, bds 453 E Sherman”; “Aerne, Christian, res 453 E Sherman”
1901 PCD pg. 1077 “Aerne, Christopher Jr, photo printer C A Krauch, bds 526 E Mill”
1902 PCD pg. 138 “Aerne, Christopher Jr (Aerne & Nordstrom), rms 133 1/2 5th”; “Aerne & Nordstrom (Christopher Aerne Jr, Carl Nordstrom) photographers, 133 1/2 5th”; “Nordstrom, Carl R (Aerne & Nordstrom), 133 1/2 5th, rms same”
1903 PCD pg. 143 “Aerne, Christopher Jr, photog, 133 1/2 5th, res 512 Harrison”
1904 PCD pg. 158 “Aerne, Christopher Jr. photog, 133 1/2 5th, res 494 Columbia”
1905 PCD pg. 149 “Aerne, Christopher Jr, photog 133 1/2 5th, res 494 Columbia”
1906 PCD pg. 145 “Aerne, Christopher Jr., photog 133 1/2 5th, res 494 Columbia”
1907 PCD pg. 206 “Aerne, Christopher Jr, photog 133 1/2 5th, res 494 Columbia”
1909 PCD pg. 215 “Aerne, Christopher Jr, photog 133 1/2 5th, res 494 Columbia”
1910 PCD pg. 116 “Aerne, Christopher Jr. photgr, 129 1/2 5th, h 494 Columbia” pg. 916 “Pritchard, Nora B. clk C. J. Aerne b 315 Marguerite”
1910 Or. not listed
1911 PCD pg. 132 “Aerne, C Jr photgr 129 1/2 5th h 494 Columbia”
1912 PCD pg. 132 “Aerne, Chris Jr pres Boyd Taxicab Co h 494 Columbia”; “Aerne Studio Nora Pritchard propr, Photographers, 4-352 1/2 Washington Tel Main 2104”
1913 PCD pg. 127 “Aerne, Christ Jr pres Boyd Taxicab Co h 494 Columbia”; “Aerne Studio, Nora Pritchard propr photgr 345 1/2 Washington”
1914 PCD pg. 200 “Aerne, Christ Jr (Anna) pres Boyd Taxicab Co h 494 Columbia”
1915 PCD pg. 138 “Aerne, Christ J. (Anna) mngr Blue Taxicab Co. h 494 Columbia” Pritchard – not listed
Photographer’s Imprints
“C. Aerne Jr., Fifth & Alder, Portland Ore.” blind stamp on 3 1/2″ x 9″ card mount with trimmed print mounted.
“C. Aerne Jr., Portland Ore.” blind stamp on 3 1/2″ x 9″ card mount with trimmed print mounted.
“Photo by C.  Aerne & Sons, French Bldg, Tacoma Wash” signed in negative on panoramic print of Camp Lewis WA December 10th 1918.
“Aerne & Nordstrom, 133 1/2 5th St., Portraits, Hood 727, Copyright” in negative, 2″ x 3″ promotional advertising card for their studio with interesting nude.
Photographer’s Association of the Pacific Northwest, Programme of Seventh Annual Convention, September 3rd – 6th, 1907, Seattle; n.p. 1907. (unpaginated) “Members Photographic Association of the Pacific Northwest 1907…Aerne, Chris—Portland, Ore…”