Aerne, Robert (Portland )

Robert Aerne (1872- )    (Portland)

Aerne Photoscope Co.

Robert Aerne began photography in 1891 working for M. S. Eastman (q.v.). By 1893 he was a printer for Aune (q.v.) and by 1894 he worked for McAlpin & Lamb (q.v.). He moved to Solano county, California from around 1897 to about 1901. He returned to Portland and in 1901 he opened a studio in his home at 534 East 8th (now at SE 8th at Taggert). In 1903 he opened the “Aerne Photoscope Co.” at 133 1/2 5th. This studio was formerly used by Joseph Thwaites (q.v.). Robert Aerne’s studio was very short lived and was taken over by Christopher Aerne (q.v.) who renamed it Aerne & Nordstrom.
1891-1897 Portland
ca. 1897-ca. 1900 Solano county CA
1902-1903 Portland
Directory Listings
1891 PCD pg. 146 “Aerne, Robert photogr M S Eastman, rms 232 Front”
1892 PCD pg. 204 “Aerne, Robert, photog, res 88 14th N.”
1893 PCD pg. 193 “Aerne, Robert, printer Aune, res Midway”
1894 PCD pg. 155 “Aerne, Robert, photo printer McAlpin & Lamb, bds Clay n w cor 6th”
1895 PCD pg. 135 “Aerne, Robert, photographer, bds 415 E Clay”
1896 not listed
1897 PCD pg. 134 “Aerne, Robert, photographer, bds 415 E Clay”
1898 – 1901 PCD not listed
1902 PCD pg. 138 “Aerne, Robert (Robert Aerne Co) bds 534 E 8th”; “Aerne, Robert Co (Robert Aerne) commercial photographers, 534 E 8th, res same”
1903 PCD pg. 143 “Aerne Photoscope Co, Robert Aerne mngr, 133 1/2 5th”; “Aerne, Robert, photog 534 E 8th, res same”
1904 – 1905 PCD Not listed
Palmquist, Peter, unpublished research notes. Summary: Robert Aerne was born in Minnesota in 1872. He was active in Solano county, CA, in 1896-1898.