Aldrich, Frank C. (Portland)

Frank C. Aldrich (ca.1873-1929) (Portland)

Frank Aldrich worked from around 1910 to 1915 at the Angelus Studio (q.v.). His last position was darkroom printer. During this time he also volunteered to make photographs for the Oregon Historical Society and may have been their first photographer. Together with Frank J. Smith (q.v.), Aldrich produced a series of historic steamboat photographs which he presented in 1915. He left Angelus in 1916 to become vice-president of Oregon Commercial Studio (q.v.) but the studio soon dissolved. Frank got a job in the shipyards when World War 1 began. He soon resumed his old job at Angelus Studio. He also continued his own photography of historically interesting subjects. His employment at Angelus during this period gave him access to many great cameras, among them a Korona 12×20 banquet camera. He left Portland around 1924 and died on June 12, 1929 in Oakland, California.