Bakowski, B. B. (Bend)

Bakowski, B. B. (d. 1911) (LaGrande, Bend)

Oregon Art Co.

Bakowski was a noted photographer of real-photo postcards. He photographed scenics and city views. His real-photo postcards are sequentially numbered and he produced over 3500 views.

He lived in LaGrande through 1910 and then moved to Bend. Some of his cards after the move to Bend are signed Oregon Art Co.

He disappeared in February 1911 while photographing Crater Lake during a winter blizzard. Search parties found his camp and camera but his body was never recovered. Postcards showing Bakowski’s campsite immediately after his disappearance were produced by Pershin (q. v.) of Klamath Falls.

His postcards were signed either B. B. Bakowski or Oregon Art Co.