Bates, Phillip S. (Portland)

Phillip S. Bates (1868-1921) (Portland)

Moved to Portland in 1887 from Southhampton, Mass. He was a teller at the Ladd & Tilton bank. He had probably learned photography in New England. Soon after his arrival he began to sell 5×8” views imprinted “Phillip Bates.” He also published a catalog of his views, numbering 58. His subject matter was downtown street scenes, the waterfront, trains, schools, and Ft. Vancouver. He worked as a bank teller until 1893, when he went to California for a while. He returned to Portland and was an insurance agent for the rest of the 1890s. Around 1903 he began publishing The Pacific Miner and around 1905 he began publishing Pacific Northwest, which was quite successful. He died in 1921.