Berthold, Charles (Portland)

Charles Berthold (Portland)

Rose City Studio

Prosch & Berthold

After working as a draftsman and as a cement worker, he got a job as a photographer in 1905. He was employed by Woodard, Clarke & Co., a photo supply that operated a short lived photography department. In 1908, he opened his own studio at 167 1/2 1st. St. (between Morrison & Yamhill.) This had long been used as a photo studio, most recently by Flora Browning (q.v.) who was moving to Newberg. He called it the Rose City Studio (note there are two other Rose Studios in Oregon.) In the summer of 1909 he brought in a partner, Charles F Prosch (q.v.) and but that was very short lived. He then hired a retoucher, Miss Stella M. Karten. He operated the studio until 1914. After that he probably did some photography working out of his home at 531 Kerby (at Russell St.)