Blackwood, Edward C. (Portland)

Edward C. Blackwood (1879-1954) (Portland)

From 1892 to 1897 he was an office boy for Meier & Frank. By 1898 he changed jobs and worked at another department store. By the end of 1899 he was working as a photographer for L. J. Hicks (q.v.) The Oregonian published a Columbia River photo he took on January 6, 1901. At the end of 1900 he was working at a bicycle store but he soon got a job as a printer for photographer Flora Browning (q.v.) He worked there three years and by the end of 1905 he was working for E. W. Moore (q.v.) He spent 1910-1916 working as a clerk, salesman, and photographer. In 1916 he opened his own photo supply store, the Portland Camera Exchange, at 386 Morrison (between 9th & 10th.) Around 1920 he moved it to 394 Morrison. In the mid-1920s, he began working as a photographer at Photo Art Studios and was a technician there for fifteen years. He died May 30, 1954.