Bloom, Ernest J. (Hood River)

Ernest J. Bloom (Hood River)

The May 1913 issue of Camera Craft carries the account “Ernest J. Bloom, a photographer of Hood River, passed a couple of weeks at the ranch of R. E. Scott, secretary to the Commercial Club. Mr. Bloom had been working in the garden, and, taking a nap after lunch, a squirrel that had been making its home in the house, evidently thinking his long, black locks would make an excellent lining for a nest, trimmed off a portion of the hair while he slept. ‘The rodent’s teeth must have been sharp,’ says the photographer, ‘for I did not feel him at work there cutting away the hair. I must have moved in my sleep and in his excitement he evidently pulled some of the hairs out instead of cutting them. This awoke me and I let out a yell that almost frightened the squirrel to death.”

1913: “While Ernest Bloom, a Hood River photographer, was taking a nap on a ranch he was visiting a squirrel nibbled off a large part of his hair, which was black and heavy, and which bunny probably took for a lunch of moss.” Daily capital journal. (Salem), March 29, 1913, pg. 8, col. 3.