Boychuk, Walter (Portland)

Walter Boychuk (Portland)
1912-1961 Portland
Directory Listings
1909 PCD not listed
1910 PCD pg. 210 “Boychuk, Wm b 403 Front”
1911 PCD not listed
1915 PCD pg. 236 “Boychuk, Walter, lab r 825 Front”
1917 PCD pg. 191 “Boychuk, Walter, lab r 174 Meade”
1918 PCD pg. 203 “Boychuk, Walter, lab r 174 Meade”
1920 PCD pg. 221 “Boychuk, Walter, photog r 166 Nebraska”
1921 PCD pg. 186 “Boychuk, Walter, photog r 166 Nebraska”
1925 PCD pg. 340 “Boychuk, Walter, photog r166 Nebraska”
News Items
1961: “Portland Picture Taker Cites Secret of Success…Walter Boychuk, 75, an Oregon resident since 1906, native of Austria, retired mountain climber, amateur gardener, gourmet, and conversationalist…studio at 1133 SW 11th Av…” incl. many anecdotes of famous persons, portrait sittings, and biographical information. Oregonian, 28 Dec 1961 sec. 2 pg. 11 col. 6
1949: “Boychuk Studio of Photographic Arts. Official Photographer for San Francisco World’s Fair. Specializing in Men’s Portraiture…” 1949 Portland Phone Directory pg. 293
Winroth, Elizabeth (ed), Union Guide to Photograph Collections in the Pacific Northwest, (Portland; Oregon Historical Society, 1978) pg. 79 “Boychuk came to Oregon in 1906, established a portrait studio in 1912. Retired from active work 49 years later.”