Bradley, Darwin (Albany, Hood River, Portland, Oregon City, Wasco)

Darwin Bradley (Oregon City)
Listed in Portland City directories from 1900 to 1905, living in the Montavilla neighborhood. He is listed as a photographer in Oregon City by a 1909 directory

News Items and Advertisements:
1899: “Bradley, Photographer. Gallery open three days in the week — Thursday, Friday and Saturday — until further notice. First-class work and All Work Warranted.” The Hood River glacier, January 6, 1899 repeating until April 21, 1899.
1899: “D. Bradley, Photographer. Few of the modern sciences have advanced with more rapidity than has the art of photography, and with this advancement has been coupled a more extensive patronage. Of Mr. Bradley, the Hood River photographer, it may be remarked that he has kept pace with the latest ideas and improvements, and today he offers the public the same advantages as can be had in the large cities. A specialty is made of the difficult carbon and platoon work. His Cascade mountain views are superbly executed. Mr. Bradley was born in Wisconsin and reared in Montana. He has 12 years’ experience as a photographer. He formerly resided at Wasco, Sherman county.” The Hood River glacier, July 14, 1899, pg. 4, col. 5.
1899: “Photographs. Having purchased the gallery of D. Bradley, I am prepared to do first-class work in my line. Gallery open every day of the week except Sunday. Now is the time to get good work at fair prices. Promptness and first-class work our motto. Foster, Photographer.” The Hood River glacier, August 4, 1899 repeating to August 11, 1899
1899: “D. Bradley is in town from Albany, where he now has his headquarters. Mr. Bradley is the chief organizer for the order of Pendo and has three councils now in the process of organization.” The Hood River glacier, November 03, 1899, pg. 3, col. 3.