Bradley, Levi (Yaquina, Dayton, Woodburn, Forest Grove, Wasco, Dufur, Endersly)

Levi Bradley (1868-1952) (Yaquina, Dayton, Woodburn, Forest Grove, Wasco, Dufur, Endersly, alternate spellings Endersby, Endersley)
Lantz & Bradley

Levi Bradley was born in Collingwood, Ont. He is listed in the 1888 directory as being a photographer in Yaquina. In the early 1890s, he moved to Dayton and operated a traveling gallery. Cabinet card portraits from this studio are imprinted “L. Bradley, Traveling Artist, Headquarters, Dayton, Ore.” During this time, he also had a gallery in Woodburn “Lantz & Bradley, Woodburn, Or.” (Elmer G. Lantz, q.v.) Bradley also had a gallery in Forest Grove “L. Bradley, Forest Grove, Or.” The sequence and dates are unknown.
By 1897 he relocated in Wasco, and operated a traveling gallery in The Dalles, Dufur, and Endersly (now Endersby). One example of his cabinet card is imprinted “Bradley, Wasco, Oregon, Photographer” with a manuscript date of October 11, 1897. He won a prize at the Wasco county fair for landscape photography in October 1901.
Around 1903, he moved to Seattle. There, he was employed as a photographer by the Police department. He died on January 29, 1952.