Brodeck, Henry Herman (Portland)

Henry Herman Brodeck (1847-1886) (Portland)
Born in England, he became a photographer in Cincinatti during the early 1860s. By 1869 he had moved to San Francisco and was working for Bayley & Winter. By 1871 he had moved to San Jose to start his own studio, Brodeck & Schroder. He was back in San Francisco by September of 1871 and worked for Bradley & Rulofson during the time that Eadweard Muybridge’s stereographs were being published by that firm (c. 1872-1875). Remaining in San Francisco, he was a partner in Marden & Brodeck in 1875, and then formed Brodeck & Company in 1876.
In late 1876, he moved to Portland and became the chief photographer for Buchtel & Stolte (q.v.) His business card reads “Buchtel & Stolte, Photographers, Corner First and Morrison Streets, Portland, Oregon. First-Class Work In Photography, Crayon, India Ink, Oil or Water Colors. H. H. Brodeck, Operator.”
After a little over two years in Portland, he moved to Walla Walla, Washington. He opened “Brodeck & Co.” by December, 1879. His retoucher was Mr. Taliaferro (q. v.), also from Oregon.
His most famous work was a set of stereoviews he made in Alaska from April to July 1881. He formed the Northwest Trading Company to produce and market about 100 of these.
His Walla Walla studio burned down on August 14, 1885. It was fully insured, and was rebuilt. He died in July 1886. His wife, brother, and three children kept the studio going until 1891, when they sold it to J. R. Cawthon (q.v.) The Northwest Trading Company went bankrupt in 1889.