Bullock, Wilkins A. & Mae C. (Salem)

Bullock, Wilkins A.
Bullock, Mae C.
Bullock Studio
1913-1915 Salem
Mrs. Mae Bullock was formerly Mrs. M. E. Lewis prior to her marriage. Please see separate listing in this book for Mrs. M. E. Lewis.
Directory Listings
1911 Salem not listed
1913 Salem pg. 61 “Bullock Studio, W. A. and M. C. Bullock Proprs, Photography In All Its Branches 418-423 Hubbard Bldg, Tel Main 2363”, “Bullock, Wilkins A. (Mae C.) (Bullock Studio), res 555 Marion”, “Bullock, Mrs. Mae C. (Bullock Studio) res 555 Marion” plus display ad quoted below
News Items and Advertisements
1912: “Mrs. M. E. Lewis of Salem, now Mrs. A. Bullock, intends to open a new studio in that town about November first, Mr. Bullock taking charge.” Camera Craft, Vol. XIX, No. 10, October 1912, pg. 486.
1913: “Bullock Studio, Flashlights, View Work, Special attention given to amateur work. The only studio with an elevator. Photography in all its branches. 418-423 Hubbard Bldg., Main 2363” Polk’s Salem City and Marion County Directory 1913, Portland; Polk & Co. 1913, lower left edges.
1915: “Mrs. Maud B. Cox has purchased from H. S. Carter the photographic business known as the Bullock Studio. Mrs. Cox is well known in this city. She formerly conducted a studio at Klamath Falls.” Daily capital journal. (Salem), April 26, 1915, pg. 8, col. 5.