Butterfield, Herbert E. (Portland)

Butterfield, Herbert E. (Portland)
1910-1916 Portland
It appears that in 1916 Charles Calvert moved out of his 796 Washington studio, and his employee Herbert Butterfield took over the location.
Directory Listings
1909 PCD not listed
1910 PCD pg. 247 “Butterfield, Herbert msgr G M Strong b 755 Missouri”
1911 PCD pg. 306 “Butterfield, Herbert E photgr Cal Calvert b 119 9th av N Lents”
1912 PCD pg. 312 “Butterfield, Herbert E photgr C E Calvert b 108 9th av Lents”
1913 PCD pg. 269 “Butterfield, Herbert E photgr C E Calvert b 108 9th av N Lents”
1914 PCD pg. 364 “Butterfield, Herbert E photgr r Mrs Letitia Butterfield”
1915 PCD pg. 274 “Butterfield, Herbert E asst C E Calvert r 108 9th av N Lents”
1916 PCD pg. 276 “Butterfield, Herbert E. (Irene D) photgr 796 Wash h same”
1917 PCD not listed
1918 PCD pg. 244 “Butterfield, H E shipwkr r 90 E 34th”
1920 PCD pg. 272 “Butterfield, Herbert E lndymn h 988 E Wash”
1921 PCD pg. 231 “Butterfield, Herbt E (Irene) grocer 168 Grand Av.”
1922 PCD pg. 436 “Butterfield, Herbt E (Irene) grocer 821 Union av. N.”