Campbell, John (Portland)

John Campbell (Portland)

Barnum & Campbell


1879-1882 Portland

Directory Listings

1879 PD pg. 253 Photographers “Barnum & Campbell, Fifth near Yamhill”, pg. 55 additional names supplement “Barnum & Campbell, portrait gallery, e s Fifth bet Morrison and Yamhill”; “Barnum, J. T., (B & Campbell) res Fifth bet Morrison and Yamhill”; “Campbell, J. (Barnum & C) res Fifth bet Morrison and Yamhill”

1882 GD pg. 120 “Campbell, John photographer, re s e cor Fifth and Columbia”


Brown, Robert O., Nineteenth Century Portland, Oregon Photographers: A Collector’s Handbook (author; Portland, 1991) pg. 52 (note: this work identifies the wrong people)

News items

1883: ” SURVEY FOR THE PARK RAILWAY CO. S. Garland, city surveyor, and John Campbell have been engaged to survey the route of the Park Railway company between this city (ed note; meaning East Portland, which was not part of Portland at the time) and the City View Park. The route is up L street to Fifth, up Fifth to Stephens addition, where it will deflect to connect with the county or Milqaukie road…” Oregonian, March 31, 1883, pg. 1.