Canaris, Catherine and Frank H. (Portland)


Canaris, Catherine ( -c. 1938)

Canaris, Frank H. (1854-1937)


1897-1903 Portland (Catherine)

1893-1896 Long Beach WA

Directory Listings

1895-1896 PCD not listed

1897 PCD pg. 198 “Canaris, Mrs Catharine photographer 466 E Alder, res same”

1898 PCD pg. 201 “Canaris, Mrs Catharine photographer 466 E Alder, res same”

1899 EO & P pg. 44 Portland photographers “Canaris, Catharine, 466 E Alder”

1899 PCD pg. 207 “Canaris, Mrs Catherine photographer Wm Sandeen res 466 E Alder”

1900 PCD pg. 214 “Canaris, Catherine (wid Frank), photg Wm Sandeen res 466 E Alder”

1901 PCD pg. 191 “Canaris, Katherine (wid Frank), photog, res 466 E Alder”

1902 PCD pg. 242 “Canaris, Catherine (wid Frank), res 466 E Alder”

1903 PCD pg. 237 “Canaris, Mrs. Catherine, photog 466 E Alder, res same”

1904 PCD pg. 263 “Canaris, Mrs. Catherine, pkr Knight Packing Co, res 466 E Alder”

1905 PCD pg. 276 “Canaris, Catherine (wid Frank), photog, E W Dill, res 466 E Alder”

1906 PCD pg. 275 “Canaris, Catherine (wid Frank), res 466 E Alder”

1907 PCD pg. 357 “Canaris, Catherine (wid Frank), res 466 E Alder”

1909 PCD pg. 370 “Canaris, Catherine (wid Frank), fur rms 464 1/2 E Burnside”

1910 PCD pg. 255 “Canaris, Catherine (wid Frank) furn rms 464 1/2 E Burnside”

1911 PCD pg. 316 “Canaris, Catherine (wid Frank) furn rms 464 1/2 E Burnside”

1912 PCD pg. 322 “Canaris, Catherine (wid Frank) h 464 1/2 E Burnside”

1913 PCD pg. 277 “Canaris, Catherine (wid Frank) furn rms 464 1/2 E Burnside”

1914 PCD pg. 373 “Canaris, Catherine (wid Frank) furn rms 464 1/2 E Burnside”

1915 PCD pg. 282 “Canaris, Cath (wid Frank H) h 23 E 8th”

1916 PCD pg. 285 “Canaris, Cath (wid Frank) furn rms 464 1/2 E Burnside”

1917 PCD pg. 238 “Canaris, Cath (wid Frank) furn rms 461 1/2 E Burnside”

1918 PCD pg. 254 “Canaris, Cath Mrs 464 1/2 E Burnside”

1920 PCD pg. 282 “Canaris, Cath (wid Frank) h 461 1/2 E Burnside”

1921 PCD pg. 240 “Canaris, Cath (wid Frank) h 461 1/2 E Burnside”

1924 PCD pg. 437 “Canaris, Cath (wid F) h 40 E 22d N”

1925 PCD pg. 400 “Canaris, Cath (wid Frank H) C S pract 40 E 22d N”

1928 PCD pg. 392 “Caharis (sic) Cath (wid Frank) tchr h 40 E 22d N”

1930 PCD pg. 350 “Canaris Cath Mrs tchr h 40 E 22d N”

1934 PCD pg. 263 “Canaris, Cath (wid Frank) h 104 NE 22d av”

1936 PCD pg. 253 “Canaris, Cath (wid Frank) h 104 NE 22d av”

1937 PCD pg. 207 “Canaris Cath Mrs h 104 NE 22d av”

Photographer’s Imprints

“Mrs. C. Canaris, Photographer, No. 468 East Alder Street, Portland, Oregon” stamped back of cabinet card.

News Items and Advertisements

1921: “Frank Canaris, the veteran photographer and one of the oldest residents of Long Beach, took a photo of a large group of workers…” Article about Long Beach. The Sunday Oregonian, April 10, 1921, page 515. Section 6, pg. 5.

1937: “FRANK CANARIS, PIONEER LONG BEACH, PASSES. Frank Henry Canaris, 83, pioneer resident of Long Beach for 56 years, being the tourist court business since 1925, passed away at his home here Sunday morning at 4:15 a. m., following a month’s illness.

Mr. Canaris, born February 4, 1854 at Reine Provene, Russia, came to the United States at one year old. He was the son of Peter and Anna Canaris, his father being a naturalized citizen of the United States before Frank was born. The deceased had two brothers, John and Peter Jr., both dead.

EXPERIENCED AN EARTHQUAKE. When a young man Mr. Canaris spent two years colonizing in Central America, settling at San Salvador, where he started a sugar plantation. When telling of his experiences just after the earthquake, said the only building left standing was the American consulate over which the American flag still flies, everything else was raised to the ground by the earthquake. He left Central America shortly after the quake.

ONE OF THE OLDEST PIONEERS AND HAD MANY PROFESSIONS. While in Nehalem valley Mr. Canaris met the late Henry Harrison Tinker, who in 1880 founded the Long Beach, Washington, beach resort and in May, 1881, Frank Canaris moved to Long Beach where he purchased a piece of property from H. H. Tinker and in 1882 built the Harvest Home hotel which he operated for a number of years. Later selling the Harvest Home to the late Joseph McKean. The old building was torn down this spring. Mr. Canaris was one of the oldest pioneers of this community, in 1896 having builded the the Crystal bathhouse at Long Beach, assisted by the late Billy Farrell. The bathhouse burned and was replaced by another which was later also destroyed by fire.

Mr. Canaris was the fourth postmaster at Long Beach, establishing the first money order system here. He served as justice of the peace, constable, and school director in the early days and ran a curio shop here for 30 years. He also did photographic work.

Frank H. Canaris was married three times. His second wife, Christina Canaris, passed away 14 years ago. He is survived by his widow, Martha Bauer Canaris, whom he wed 12 years ago, a step-son, Albert Kunz of Portland and a number of neices and nephews, namely, Mrs. George Lee, Mary Burke, Ame Hawkins, Lillian Fredrickson, and Albert Canaris.

Frank was an active member of Klopsan Tribe No. 113 I. O. R. M. for the past quarter century, being past sachem of the order and was also a member of Woodmen of the World.

Forty-five Red Men in regalia conducted the funeral services at the Long Bech gymnasium Monday at 2 P. M., Great Sachem Q. D. Mitchell reading the services and Mayor E. W. Jacobson giving the outline of the deceased brother’s life. After the funeral L. L. Bruning took the remains to his Portland mortuary for cremation. The Long Beach stores were closed during the funeral services.” Chinook Observer, (Chinook WA) 20 August 1937, pg. 1, col. 6. (courtesy Michael Cirelli)


Brown, Robert O., Nineteenth Century Portland, Oregon Photographers: A Collector’s Handbook (author; Portland, 1991) pg. 55