Cardwell, R. H. (Portland)

R. H. Cardwell,


1868 Portland

1876 Seattle

R. H. Cardwell was the brother of Byron P. Cardwell, and his uncle was daguerreotypist Hamilton Campbell.

After working in Portland, he moved to Seattle and operated a photograph gallery over the Seattle Market around 1876. He then moved to Astoria, and opened the Parker House Hotel with C. H. Perkins of Portland on 11 June 1877. By 1878 he was the City Clerk and Auditor of Astoria. He was supervisor of the 1880 Federal Census for the district comprising Astoria. B. P. Cardwell’s 1903 obituary says R. H. Cardwell is in San Francisco.

Directory Listings

1864 PD pg. 39 “Cardwell, Richard clerk 94 Front”

1868 PD pg. 41 “Cardwell, Richard H., photographer, res cor Pine and Second.”, “Cardwell, Mrs. W. L., res cor Pine and Second”

1878 Pacific pg. 872 Astoria “Cardwell & Perkins, Parker House”

News Items and Advertisements

1877: “Hotel Keeping. Mr. R. H. Cardwell, in company with C. H. Perkins, of Portland, will open the Parker House in Astoria on Monday, June 11th.” The Daily Pacific Tribune, (Seattle) 9 June 1877, pg. 3 col. 3. (courtesy Michael Cirelli)

1878: “Heard From – R. H. Cardwell, who kept a photograph gallery over the Seattle Market about two years ago, is City Clerk and Auditor of Astoria” Daily Intelligencer (Seattle) 13 Feb 1878 pg. 3 col. 2 (courtesy Michael Cirelli)

1880: “Census returns of Clatsop County…obtained from the Astorian…R. H. Cardwell’s district, comprising the city of Astoria, exclusive of Chinese, has a population of 2753…” Oregonian 14 July 1880 pg. 1 col. 7


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