Cawthon, John R. & Ethel (Portland)

Cawthon, John R.

Cawthon, Ethel, Miss

Crow Photo

C C M Co.

Unique Portrait Co.


1888-1889 Portland

1891-1892 Walla Walla WA

1894-1910 Portland

Employee Index

Cawthon, James B photographer 1907

Nemyre, Lena retoucher 1904

Directory Listings

1883 PD pg. 101 “Cawthorn, J. R., Teamster, O. T. Co., res Seventeenth bet T and U.”

1884-1885 not listed

1888 PCD pg. 187 “Cawthorn, John R, photographer, res 140 Columbia”

1889 PCD pg. 189 “Cawthorn, John R, photographer, 143 1/2 6th, res same”

1889 POWI pg. 353 Portland “Cawthon, John R photographer 143 1/2 6th”

1891 POWI pg. 1206 Walla Walla WA “Cawthon, John R., photographer, 27 E Main”

1894 PCD pg. 245 “Cawthon, John R, photographer, 228 6th, rms 268 Front”

1895 PCD pg. 218 “Cawthon, John R, photographer, res Glencoe”

1896 PCD pg. 208 “Cawthon, John R, photographer, res Mt. Tabor.”

1897 – 1899 PCD not listed

1899 EO & P Not listed

1900 PCD pg. 221 “Cawthon, John R, (C C M Co) 112 6th, res 498 Clay”; pg. 254 “C C M Co. (Samuel B Crow, John R. Carothon)(sic), photographers 112 6th”

1901 PCD pg. 198 “Cawthon, John R, photog, 225 Morrison, res 594 1/2 4th” (Crow photo not listed, Crow & Crow is the Crow brothers)

1901 POWA pg. 294 “Crow Photo Co, John R Cawthon mngr, photographers, 225 Morrison”

1902 PCD pg. 252 “Cawthon, John R, mngr Unique Portrait Co 225 Morrison, res 594 1/2 4th”; “Cawthon, Miss Ethel, opr, bds 94 1/2 4th”; pg. 888 “Unique Portrait Co, J R Cawthon mngr, 225 Morrison”

1903 PCD pg. 246 “Cawthon, John R, mngr Unique Portrait Co, res 549 1/2 4th”

1904 PCD pg. 274 “Cawthon, John R. mngr Unique Portrait Co., res 704 ” (Grace and Ethel Cawthon at same address), pg.922 “Unique Portrait Co., John R. Cawthon mngr, 225 Morrison”

1905 PCD pg. 287 “Cawthon, John R, mngr Unique Portrait Co, res 704 Corbett”; pg. 1062 “Unique Portrait Co, John R Cawthon mngr, 225 Morrison”

1906 PCD pg. 288 “Cawthon, John R, mngr Unique Portrait Co., bds 704 Corbett “; pg. 1087 “Unique Portrait Co, John R. Cawthon mngr, 225 Morrison”

1907 PCD pg. 370 “Cawthon, John R, photog 245 1/2 Morrison, res 704 Corbett”

1909 PCD pg. 385 “Cawthon, John R, mngr Unique Portrait Co., res 704 Corbett”; pg. 1352 “Unique Portrait Co., John R. Cawthon mngr, 245 1/2 Morrison”

1910 Or. pg. 161 “Unique Portrait Co. 345 1/2 Morrison”

1910 PCD pg.268 “Cawthon, John R photgr 446 Washington h 704 Corbett” (Grace and Ethel Cawthon at same address) (Unique Portrait not listed)

1911 PCD not listed

Official Records

1892 Census – Walla Walla County, WA. page 50, line 10-13. John Cawthon, age 34, male, white, photographer, married, born Tennessee; Nita Cawthon, age 34, female, white, born Missouri; Ethel Cawthon, age 12, female, born Oregon; Gracie, age 5, female, born Oregon. (courtesy Robert King)

Photographer’s Imprints

“J. R. Cawthon, photographer, Portland, Or” rubber stamp on boudoir view back, view of “Cyclone” steamer on Willamette in Portland (Schmeer collection)


Brown, Robert O., Nineteenth Century Portland, Oregon Photographers: A Collector’s Handbook (author; Portland, 1991) pg. 56

Historical and Descriptive Review of the Industries of Walla Walla. Trade & Commerce Publishing Co., 1891 “J. R. CAUTHON, Photographer, 27 East Main street. Mr. Cauthon, who succeeded the firm of Brodeck & Co. in the proprietorship of this well-known establishment, is a gentleman of ripe experience in this artistic profession, having devoted eighteen years to it- fourteen years on the Pacific Coast and four years in Illinois. His native state is Tennessee. Mr. Cauthon has finely appointed photograph parlors and operating rooms, and carries on his work with equal facility in all kinds of weather. He employs competent assistants, and during his eighteen months’ experience in Walla Walla, has demonstrated that his work is equal to any in general excellence and beauty of finish. Prices are very reasonable, and orders are executed promptly. A visit to Mr. Cauthon’s studio will be of interest to those wishing to secure really fine pictures.” (courtesy Michael Cirelli)