Cherrington, Thomas J., Mrs. T. J., & William M. (Dallas, Salem)

Cherrington, Thomas J.

Cherrington, T. J., Mrs.

Cherrington, William M.

Cherrington Bros.

Cherrington & Bro.


1888-1889 Salem (Thomas J.)

1891-1893 Salem (Cherrington Bros.)

1901-1911 Dallas (Thomas J)

Directory Listings

1886 POWI and Pacific Coast not listed

1888 POWI pg. 477 Salem “Cherrington, Thomas J., photographer Bank block 309 Commercial”

1889 POWI pg. 451 Salem “Cherrington, Thomas J photographer, Commercial cor Chemeketa”

1889 Salem: pg. 44 “Cherrington, Thomas J., photographer Commercial s e cor Chemekete, res 562 Commercial.”, “Cherrington, Mrs. T. J., assistant T. J. Cherrington, res 562 Commercial”

1891 POWI pg. 551 Salem “Cherrington & Bro (Wm. M. and Thomas J), photographers, 320 Commercial”

1891 Salem pg. 49 “Cherrington & Bro. (Wm. M. and Thomas J.) photographers 320 Commercial”, “Cherrington, Thomas J., (Cherrington & Bro.) res 562 Commercial.”, “Cherrington, Wm M (Cherrington & Bro.) res 387 High”

1893 OB Salem pg. 66 “Cherrington Bros. (Thos. J. and Wm. M) photographers, new Exchange bldg.”, “Cherrington, Thomas J. (Cherrington Bros) res 562 Commercial.”, “Cherrington, Wm M (Cherrington Bros.) res 387 High”

1893 Polk Salem pg. 51 “Cherrington & Bro. (Wm M and Thomas J.) photographer, 314 Commercial”, “Cherrington, Wm M (Cherrington & Bro.) res 387 High”, “Cherrington, Thomas J. (Cherrington & Bro) res 562 Commerical”

1901 POWA pg.155 Dallas “Cherrington, Thomas J photographer”

1903 POW pg. 163 Dallas “Cherrington, Thomas J photographer”

1905 POW pg. 184 Dallas “Cherrington, Thomas J photographer”

1907 POW pg. 183 Dallas “Cherrington, Thomas J photographer”

1909 POW pg. 128 Dallas “Cherrington, Thomas J photographer”

1910 Or pg. 253 Dallas “Cherrington, T. J. photographer, 4 Wilson Bldg.”

1911 POW pg. 121 Dallas “Cherrington, T J photographer”

Mautz Oregon “Cherrington Bros., 1895, Salem”

Photographer’s Imprints

“Cherrington & Bro., opp First Natl Bank, Exchange Block, Commercial St., Salem” cabinet card.

“Cherrington Bros., Salem, Or.” cabinet card, printed front.

“Cherrington” blind stamp on mount, 6×8 print of fish pond (OHS)

“T. J. Cherrington, Dallas, Ore.” printed front cabinet card.

News Items and Advertisements:
1910: “Now is the time to have your photos taken to lay away for Christmas remembrances. Any friend will one you better if you give them a fine photo of yourself. Nothing appreciated so much, or kept longer. Looking at a fine photograph of an absent one makes the heart grow fonder. Mr. Cherrington certainly makes the fine ones.” Polk County observer. (Monmouth), October 21, 1910, pg. 2, col. 2.


Photographer’s Association of the Pacific Northwest, Programme of Seventh Annual Convention, September 3rd – 6th, 1907, Seattle; n.p. 1907. (unpaginated) “Members Photographic Association of the Pacific Northwest 1907…Cherrington, T. J.—Dallas, Ore…”