Chinlund, Elmer A. & Frantz (Portland)

Chinlund, Elmer A.

Chinlund, Frantz William

Chinlund Bros


1907-1917 Portland

Directory Listings

1907 PCD pg. 379 “Chindlund(sic), F Wm, boarding 233 5th”

1909 PCD pg. 394 “Chindlund(sic), F Wm, boarding 288 4th”

1910 PCD pg. 276 “Chinlund Bros (F Wm and Elmer A) photgrs 303 1/2 Washington”, “Chinlund, Elmer A (Chinlund Bros) r 303 1/2 Washington”, “Chinlund, F Wm (Chinlund Bros) r 303 1/2 Washington”

1911 PCD pg. 343 “Chinlund, Elmer A photgr B A Gifford h 540 Webster”; “Chinlund, F Wm propr Potter House b 282 1/2 2d”; pg. 1170 “Potter House, F Wm Chinlund propr furn rms, 282 1/2 2d”

1912 PCD pg. 351 “Chinlund, Elmer A photgr h 558 E 49th N”

1913 PCD not listed

1914 PCD pg. 398 “Chinlund, F Wm (May E) grocer 288 Harrison h same”

1915 PCD pg. 304 “Chindlund (sic) F Wm (May E) grocer 288 Harrison h same”

1916 PCD pg. 308 “Chindlund, Frantz W (Mae E) grocer 288 Harrison h same”

1917 PCD pg. 260 “Chindlund, Frantz W (Mae E) grocer 430 Harrison h same”

News Items and Advertisements

1917: “If the weird beauty and fame of Crater Lake is not known in all parts of the United States, in fact all over the world, within the next year, it will not be the fault of the Balboa Amusement Producing Company of California.

E. A. Chinlund, expert cinematographer of the Balboa Company, together with his assistants and an elaborate moving-picture-taking outfit, are preparing a big moving-picture spectacle of Crater Lake, which will include pictures of the lake and vicinity in the various seasons.

Not only that, but by methods known only to the moving-picture-taking art, Crater Lake will be restored in photoplay to its original outlines as
conceived by Mr. Chlnlund. In other words, his moving pictures will show Mount Mazama as it originally stood ages ago in all its grandeur and beauty.

Then the spectacle will show the great mountain in eruption, followed
by the wonderfully awe-inspiring sight of the explosion by which its top was
blown off, leaving the huge crater now water filled and known as Crater Lake, one of the world’s great wonders.

The Balboa party may have to return several times this Summer to complete the spectacle.

Incidental to the Crater Lake pictures, Mr. Chinlund will make moving pictures of the Oregon caves, the lava beds in Klamath County, and some of the other striking scenery of Southern Oregon.” Oregonian, July 24, 1917, pg. 7, col. 2.