Cleaves, J. R. (Marshfield)

Cleaves, J. R. (Marshfield)


1878-1889 Marshfield (now Coos Bay)

Directory Listings

1878 Pacific pg. 215 Marshfield “Cleaves, J. R. photographer and jewelry”

1884 POWI pg. 205 Marshfield “Cleaves, J. R., jeweler and photographer”

1886 POWI pg. 236 Marshfield “Cleaves, J. R., jeweler and photographer.”

1886 Pacific Coast pg. 1022 Marshfield “Cleaves, J. R., jeweler and photographer.”

1888 POWI pg. 297 Marshfield “Cleaves, J. R., jeweler and photographer”

1889 POWI pg. 309 Marshfield “Cleaves, J. R., jeweler and photographer”

Mautz Oregon “Cleaves, J. R. 1878-1886, Marshfield”

News Items and Advertisements

1875: “Jas. R. Cleave, Watchmaker and Jeweler, Marshfield. I will hold in readiness to attend to all repairs of watches, clocks, jewelry, accordions, concertinas and musical instruments of every description. Engraving neatly executed at reasonable rates” Coos Bay News, 18 Aug. 1875 pg. 3 col. 7 (ad first noted 18 Aug 1875, previous issues not checked, last insertion 22 Sept 1875)

1876: “Mr. J. R. Cleaves is building an addition to his shop in Marshfield” Coos Bay News, 16 Feb. 1876 pg. 3 col. 1

1879: “PHOTOGRAPH GALLERY, Marshfield Oregon, J. R. Cleaves, Proprietor. The Proprietor respectfully announces to the people of Coos county that he has the new styles of Photograph; Ambrotypes, Melainotypes and can always be found at his gallery near the News office.” (Cleaves insertion noted continuously 14 May 1879 or earlier, not checked yet, through 20 Oct 1880 and gone on 24 Nov 1880 (intervening issues not available for examination). The insertion started back 6 April 1881 and issues beyond 22 June 1881 have not been checked yet.

1879: “Mr. Cleaves, of this place will start for Myrtle Point next Friday to fill several large orders for photographs which were furnished him on the Fourth (ed note: of July). His work gives general satisfaction in that locality as well as in every place he visits.” Coos Bay News, 6 Aug. 1879 pg. 3 col. 1

1879: “One of the amusing features of the concert given at Norman’s Hall last Wednesday…(guitar awarded to woman voted the best looking)…After which there was a present to be given to the best looking man present to be also selected by vote, the nominees were Mr. Cleaves, Mr. Temple, and Major Brown, Mr. Cleaves receiving the highest number of votes, Mr. Temple coming in a close second. Without saying anything disparaging to the good looks of any of the candidates, yet we are surprised at the result, as anyone with ‘half an eye’ and any taste at all could not hesitate in selecting Mr. Temple from among the candidates. -The ‘best looking man’ was presented with a pair of baby stockings.” Coos Bay News, 13 Aug. 1879 pg. 3 col. 2

1879: “Mr. Cleaves, the photographer, left for Myrtle Point, yesterday. He will be prepared to do anything in his line as soon as he returns. His instruments have been on the Coquille for some time. This is his last visit to the Coquille this year.” Coos Bay News, 29 Oct. 1879 pg. 3 col. 2

1879: “J. R. Cleaves, our photographer returned from the Coquille river last Saturday where he had been on business.” Coos Bay News, 19 Nov. 1879 pg. 3 col. 1

1879: “J. R. Cleaves has just received a large stock of jewelry, which he offers at very reasonable prices” Coos Bay News, 24 Dec 1879 pg. 3, col. 3.

1880: “Mr. J. R. Cleaves, the photographer, is visiting Myrtle Point.” Coos Bay News, 29 Sept 1880 pg. 3 col. 1.

1880: “Mr. J. R. Cleaves returned from his visit to the Coquille last week and can be found at his old stand.” Coos Bay News, 13 Oct. 1880 pg. 3 col. 3.

1885: “J. R. CLEAVES, JEWELER AND PHOTOGRAPHER, Marshfield, Oregon, Is again at his old place of business with an elegant stock of Watches, Jewelry, Cutlery, etc. for sale, at the lowest possible rates. Also Photographing, in its various branches, by the latest and most improved processes.” (same insertion noted through 7 July 1886, following issues not checked yet. Also noted 26 Jan 1887 through 19 Oct 1887) Coos Bay News, 25 November 1885 (first insertion)

1886: (unclaimed mail notice) “Express packages remaining in Marshfield express office, Jan 1st 1886…J. R. Cleaves…” Coos Bay News, (Marshfield) 6 January 1886 pg. 3 col. 2.