Colvig, Volney (Canyonville)

Volney Colvig (Canyonville)


Believed to have been a photographer for a brief time in 1867. He became a well-known businessman in Southern Oregon.

Directory Listings

1867 West Coast, Canyonville, pg. 261 “Colvig, Volney, photographer”

Mautz Oregon “Colvig, Volney, 1867, Canyonville”

News Items and Advertisements

1866: “A new map. The American Continental Topographical and Railroad map of the United States … The agent, Mr. Volney Colvig, is authorized and now canvassing Douglass and Coos Counties for subscription to the above map. …” Oregon Sentinel. (Jacksonville) February 24, 1866, pg. 2, col. 2.

1867: “Volney Colvig, Notary Public, Canyonville, Oregon…” (repeating advertisement) Oregon Sentinel. (Jacksonville) May 25, 1867, pg. 1, col. 2.

1869: “Volney Colvig, Notary Public, Canyonville, Oregon (ad for legal services) Office in Whittlesy & Colvig’s Drug Store” Roseburg Ensign (Roseburg), 9 January 1869

1880: “Census Enumerations. The following appointments of enumerators or census takers have been made … Jackson county, six districts; …Volney Colvig, …” Oregon Sentinel. (Jacksonville) May 19, 1880, pg. 3, col. 1.