Conn, Richard E. (Albany, Corvallis, Portland)

Richard E. Conn (ca.1853-1947)

Conn & Underwood

Wilcox & Conn (George Wilcox)



1891 Corvallis

1892-1902 Portland

Directory Listings

1891 POWI pg. 218 Corvallis “Conn & Underwood, (R. E. Conn, J. L. Underwood) photographers”

1893 PCD pg. 323 “Conn, Richard E, photographer 121 1/2 Russell, res same”

1894 PCD pg. 266 “Conn, Richard E, photographer 121 1/2 Russell, res same”

1895 PCD pg. 236 “Conn, Richard E, photographer 121 1/2 Russell, res same”

1896 PCD pg. 224 “Conn, Richard E, photographer 121 1/2 Russell, res same”

1897 PCD pg. 220 “Conn, Richard E, photographer 121 1/2 Russell, res same”

1898 PCD pg. 225 “Conn, Richard E, photographer 121 1/2 Russell, res same”

1899 EO & P pg. 44, Portland Photographers “Conn R E 121 1/2 Russell”

1899 PCD pg. 233 “Conn, Richard E, photographer 121 1/2 Russell, res same”

1900 PCD pg. 240 “Conn, Richard E, photographer 121 1/2 Russell, res same”

1901 PCD pg. 219 “Conn, Richard E (Conn & Sinfield), res 426 Williams av”; “Conn & Sinfield (Richard E Conn, Russell Sinfield), furn 265 Russell”; “Conn, Mrs R E, dressmaker, res 426 Williams av”

1901 POWA pg. 293 Portland “Conn, Richard E, photographer, 121 1/2 Russell”, “Conn, Mrs. R E dressmaker, 121 1/2 Russell”

1902 PCD pg. 278 “Conn, Richard E, photog, res 426 Williams av”

1903 PCD pg. 267 “Conn, Richard E, grocer, 400 Williams av, res same”

1904 PCD pg. 297 “Conn, Richard E grocer 400 Williams av, res 287 San Rafael”

1905 PCD pg. 315 “Conn, Richard E, grocer 400 Williams av, res 287 San Rafael”; “Conn, Vena P, bds 287 San Rafael”

1906 PCD pg. 317 “Conn, Richard E, grocer 400 Williams av, res 287 San Rafael”

1907 PCD pg. 405 “Conn, Richard E, grocer 409 Williams av, res 287 San Rafael”

1909 PCD pg. 423 “Conn, Richard E, grocer 409 Williams av, res 287 San Rafael”

1910 PCD pg. 301 “Conn, Richd E h 287 San Rafael”

1911 PCD not listed

1912 PCD pg. 386 “Conn, Richd E h 1292 Williams Av”

1913 PCD pg. 328 “Conn, Richd E h 1292 Williams Av”

1914 PCD pg. 429 “Conn, Richd E (Florence M) scaler h 1292 Williams Av”

1915 PCD pg. 331 “Conn, Richd E (Florence M) h 1292 Williams”

1916 PCD pg. 336 “Conn, Richd E (Flora) h 1292 Williams”

1917 PCD pg. 287 “Conn, Richd E clk r 1292 Williams”

1918 PCD pg. 308 “Conn, Richd E clk UMCo h 1292 Williams”

1920 PCD pg. 347 “Conn, Richd r 1292 Williams av”

1921 PCD pg. 298 “Conn, Richd E h 144 Alberta W”

1924 PCD pg. 502 “Conn, Richd E slsn h 144 Alberta W”

1925 PCD pg. 463 “Conn, Richd E slsmn h 144 Alberta W”

1928 PCD not listed

Mautz Oregon “Conn & Underwood, 1890, Corvallis”

Photographer’s Imprints

“Wilcox & Conn, cor. 2nd & Ferry sts. Albany, Ore.” cabinet card printed front

“Conn & Underwood, Cor. 2nd & Ferry, Albany Or.”

News Items and Advertisements

1886: “Last Wednesday Mr. Richard E. Conn, the popular senior member of the firm of Conn Brothers, and Miss Mary Florence Cowan, the handsome daughter of Mr. M. Cowan, of this city, started out in the matrimonial boat together, Rev H. M. Waller, performing the ceremony, which took place in the residence of the bride’s parents in the Third Ward. After a short bridal trip they will begin the duties of married life in their new home on Second street. The happy couple have the well wishes of many friends. The Democrat extends its congratulations.” The State Rights Democrat (Albany), December 3, 1886, pg. 3, col. 1. (Editors note; the Conn Brothers were operating in 1880 at Lebanon as lumber dealers. By 1885 they had a large cash grocery and general store in downtown Albany. Their last advertisement I can find is March 1890.

1890: Richard E. Conn, of Albany, named as a census enumerator in Linn county. The Lebanon Express, May 30, 1890, pg. 3, col. 3.

1890: “A Thing of Beauty. The art studio formerly kept by W. H. Greenwood, has been renovated and refitted in such a neat way as to make it ‘a thing of beauty and joy forever.’ New furniture, new scenery, new appliances of the latest and most approved kind. The very best artistic work of the day can be had of the photographers, Wilcox & Conn on the most reasonable terms. Do not fail to call and view the new arrangement as they are highly pleasing.” The State Rights Democrat (Albany), September 5, 1890, pg. 3, col. 3.

1890: “Wilcox & Conn will open their gallery in Lebanon Sept 27th, continuing one week, at reduced prices. See another column.
The reduction will positively last but one week at the Wilcox & Conn gallery, beginning Sept. 27th and ending Oct. 3rd, inclusive.”The Lebanon express, September 12, 1890, pg. 3, col. 4, repeated Sept. 26

1890: “When wanting to see how you look in a permanent form, get a photograph of yourself of Wilcox & Conn, who are doing some fine work in the business.” The State Rights Democrat. (Albany), October 24, 1890, pg. 1, col. 7., repeated weekly until November 14.

1891: “THE PHOTOGRAPH GALLERY. We wish to announce to the public that we have purchased from Pernot Bros, the photograph gallery on South Main Street and are prepared to do work in our line in a satisfactory manner. We have engaged in photography here as a legitimate business
venture and shall strive to do good work at reasonable living rates. We are not here temporarily, but expect to make this our permanent home and hope to meet the public patronage. Call and see our work. Conn & Underwood.” The Corvallis Gazette, April 24, 1891, pg. 1, col. 1.

1891: “PHOTOGRAPHS. We wish to announce that we have located here permanently and expect public patronage by guaranteeing satisfaction. We also realize that good work is deserving of reasonable compensation, but in order to compete with transient competitors we have decided to reduce the price of one dozen cabinet pictures to $1.50 and promise further reduction if necessary. We are prepared to compete with all comers both in workmanship and price, and expect to remain here and meet these responsibilities.Conn & Underwood, Pernot Gallery.” The Corvallis Gazette, May 01, 1891, pg. 4, col. 5

1891: “TO THE PUBLIC. Wish to announce that we had finished all our cheap work and are no prepared to do strictly first-class work Enlarging a specialty. Conn & Underwood” The Corvallis Gazette, August 14, 1891, pg. 1, col. 1.

1891: “OUR PHOTOGRAPH GALLERY. Shortly after we arrived in Corvallis we were forced to compete in price with cheap work and owing to the rush at that time we were unable to give satisfaction in every instance. However, we have made late improvements in our gallery and are now able to do first-class work at all times and those who feel dissatisfied with any of our work can have a new negative made free of charge by calling at our gallery within the next 30 days. Conn & Underwood.” The Corvallis Gazette, October 2, 1891, pg. 4, col. 4. repeating insertion to December 25, 1891.

1891: “Mr. Underwood, father of the photographer, has been quite ill, but is now improving.” The Corvallis Gazette, November 13, 1891, pg. 1, col. 5.

1892: “Conn & Underwood, successors to Wilcox, are prepared to do first-class photographic work at their gallery at Seond and Ferry streets. Give them a trial”  The Corvallis Gazette, January 8, 1892, pg. 4, col. 7. repeated January 15.

1892: “Go to Conn & Underwood’s for photographs. First-class work at lowest prices. Satisfaction guaranteed or money refunded. Give us a call.”  The Corvallis Gazette, January 29, 1892, pg. 1, col.5. repeated January 15. repeated until February 12.

1892: list of prizes at Albany’s annual races and celebration; “dozen photographs by Conn & Underwood.” The State Rights Democrat (Albany), July 8, 1892, pg. 3, col. 5.

1892: “The hall over the postoffice, formerly occupied by the Christian church, is being fitted up for the use of Conn & Underwood
as a photographic gallery. This Will be one of the neatest places in the city when they are established.” The State Rights Democrat (Albany), September 30, 1892, pg. 1, col. 6

1892: mentioned in connection with location. The Y. M. C. A. is developing a property “on Ferry street south of the gallery of Conn & Underwood …” Evening Capital Journal. (Salem), December 01, 1892, pg. 3, col. 3.

1900: named as census enumerator in Portland. Oregonian, May 29, 1900, pg. 8.

1901: Robert Conn, of Albany . ALBANY, Or., Jan. 28. Robert  Conn, who came to Oregon In 1861, died here this morning, aged 86 years. He was born in Ohio, moving from there to Indiana, and thence to Oregon. He had resided here since 1877, and in Linn County almost
continuously since coming to Oregon. He left six sons and one daughter, Isaac F., Smauel, Nelson D., and Perry R. Conn, of Albany, Joshua B. Conn, of Salem, Richard E. Conn, of Portland, and Mrs. J. A. MeChesney, of Albany. Mrs. Conn died In 1877.” Oregonian, January 29, 1901, pg. 4, col. 5.

1916: “Mrs. Flora Mary Conn Dies. Mrs. Flora Mary Conn, prominent in charitable work and a member of the First Christian Church, died at her home, 1292 William (sic) avenue yesterday at the age of 53 years. Mrs. Conn came to Portland with her husband Richard E. Conn, 24 years ago, and since has devoted much of her time in the service of others. Mrs. Conn is survived by her husband, R. E. Conn, an only daughter, Mrs. W. S. McFarling; her mother, Mrs. S. J. Cowan, of this city, and Mrs. R. R. Crosby, of Boise City, Idaho. Funeral will be held today from Finley’s shapes at 2:30 o’clock.” Oregonian, April 8, 1916, pg. 9.

1941: Richard E. Conn, a resident of Gresham, participates in a small charity organization comprised entirely of men born on February 7 of any year. Conn was 88 years old and a distinguished guest at the dinner they held at the Aero Club. Oregonian, February 8, 1941, pg. 14, col. 3

1947: “Struck by Auto, 94-Year-Old Man Fatally Injured. Portland traffic fatalities for 1947 increase to 51. Tuesday night the death of Richard E. Conn, 94, of 6204 N Williams avenue, after he was struck by a car at N Vancouver avenue and Holman street. At this time last year the traffic toll was 58.

The driver, Alfred Babcock, 32, of 8335 SE Gray street told the police the accident occurred when he started the car after stopping at the intersection. Conn’s body was either thrown or carried 49 feet, police said.

Conn was pronounced dead on arrival at Emanuel hospital.” The Oregon Daily Journal, 31 December 1947, pg. 1.


Brown, Robert O., Nineteenth Century Portland, Oregon Photographers: A Collector’s Handbook (author; Portland, 1991) pg. 57