Cox, Maud B., Mrs. (Salem)

Mrs. Maud B. Cox (Salem)


1915-1917 Salem

Directory Listings

1917 POW pg. 1535 photographers “Cox, M. B. Mrs, 418 Hubbard Bldg, Salem O”

News Items and Advertisements:

1915: “Mrs. Maud B. Cox has purchased from H. S. Carter the photographic business known as the Bullock Studio. Mrs. Cox is well known in this city. She formerly conducted a studio at Klamath Falls.” Daily capital journal. (Salem), April 26, 1915, pg. 8, col. 5.

1915: “Mrs. Maude (sic) B. Coxs’ (sic) Studio in the Hubbard building will give a 20 per cent discount on all work for the month of May. Call and give me a trial. i guarantee all of my work.”Daily capital journal. (Salem), May 01, 1915, pg. 10, col. 4.

1915: “Photo Studio, First Class Work A Specialty. Mrs. Maud B. Cox, 418 Hubbard Building, Salem, Oregon.” Daily capital journal (Salem), December 25, 1915, pg. 5, col. 1.

1916: (listings of marriage licenses) “Samuel G. Rundlett, a Salem hop grower, and Maud B. Cox, a Salem photographer, secured a license Saturday and were wedded yesterday.” Daily capital journal. (Salem), May 01, 1916, pg. 2, col. 4, and on another page in the same issue “Mrs. Maud B. Cox and Samuel Rundlett were married in the city yesterday. Mrs. Rundlett is the proprietor of the Cox studio in the Hubbard building and Mr. Rundlett is associated with the firm of T. A. Liveslay & Co.” pg. 8, col. 6

1916: ad for Earl LeRoy Jenks at same address. Daily capital journal. (Salem), December 23, 1916, pg. 3, col. 1-2.