Craven, David H. (Portland,Salem,Independence)

David H. Craven (1866-1915) (Portland, Salem, Independence)
Cravens, Miss.
Cronise & Craven
David Craven is listed in several 1893 Salem directories as a photographer. A “Miss Cravens” was employed by the Cronise studio and left their employment in 1893. One or both of the Cravens operated a partnership during the 1890s with Cronise at some point, and imprinted their portraits “Cronise & Craven, successors to Catterlin, Salem, Oregon.” (With two Cravens, and two Catterlin brothers operating various photo studios in Salem during the 1890s, it is unclear exactly who was involved.)
Also during the 1890s, David Craven operated a portrait studio in Independence. By 1899, David Craven was working for Hicks-Chatten in Portland, an engraving firm who made printing plates from photographs and illustrations. (It is worth mentioning that L. J. Hicks was a former Salem resident, and his former business partner there was of one of the Catterlin brothers). Around 1902, David Craven began left Hicks-Chatten and began working for George M. Strong’s Portland Finishing Company. Both Craven and D. Perry Evans are listed as photographers for the company, but they more likely did photo finishing of consumer snapshots. Around 1904, their shop in the Goodnough building moved to West Park Ave. (now SW 9th Ave.). David Craven stayed until around 1910, when Strong closed the photo operation to concentrate on real estate. David Craven next went to work for a new photo studio opened by H. B. Reynolds. Craven stayed on for perhaps a bit more than a year, until 1912.
David Craven then went to work for Blumauer Photo Supply, which operated a large photofinishing service, and remained with the company when it was bought the following year by it’s principal employees, and renamed Pike & Markham. David H. Craven died of a stroke on July 24, 1915. His obituary described him as a “commercial photographer”.

News Items and Advertisements:
1893: “D. H. Craven The Photographer Can be found at Whiteaker’s Old stand and solicits your patronage. The turns out only the Best of Work. Give him a trial and you will be convinced his work is first-class. His Prices are very reasonable. Whiteaker’s old Stand, Independence, Oregon.” The Independence west side. (Independence), June 16, 1893, pg. 2, col. 2.
1893: “Photographer. D. H. Craven, C street, north side.” The Independence west side. (Independence), November 17, 1893, pg. 1, col. 2, repeated Dec. 8.
1915: “CRAVEN Friends are Invited to attend the funeral services of the late David H Craven today, Tuesday. July 27, at 2:30 P. M.. at R. T. Byrnes’ funeral parlors. Williams ave and Knott street. Inter- ment will take place at Brooks, Or. July 28, Wednesday.” Morning Oregonian, July 27, 1915, pg. 11, col 3.
1915: “DIED. David H. Craven, a former resident of Independence and a cousin of W. H. and W. E. of this city, died in Portland last Saturday. He was a photographer by trade and had a studio in Independence a number of years ago.” Independence monitor, July 30, 1915, pg. 1, col. 7.