Crawford, Orville (Albany)

Crawford, Orville (c.1858- )
Crawford Bros.
1886 Albany (Crawford Bros)
Directory Listings
Mautz Oregon “Crawford, Orville, 1875, Albany”
Official Records
1870 Federal Census, Linn County, Albany pct., family 412, Crawford, Orville, age 12, male, born Oregon, occupation school. (George F Crawford, a farmer, is father, Mary is mother, William W. is 13 year old brother, Ellen is 3 year old sister.)
News Items and Advertisements
1877: (account of preparations for the fair) …”the Crawford brothers, of this city, are training their fine black stallion, ‘Pathfinder’, unquestionably the handsomest horse in Oregon. This animal is 6 years old, and made his mile at the early age of 3 years in 3 minutes and 10 seconds.” State Rights Democrat, (Albany) 24 August 1877 pg. 3 col. 2

1908: “Prof. Helen Crawford, who recently resigned as teacher of elocution in the OAC, has purchased 20 acres of good bottom land from J. Wther, a show distance above Lebanon, for which she paid $200 per acre. She will devote the tract to growing walnuts, which she thinks will prove a very profitable industry in this section. She will give up teaching and intends to come to Lebanon to reside. She will buy or build a home in this place. Her brother, Orville Crawford, will live with her and care for and cultivate the orchard. Lebanon people are pleased to learn of Miss Crawford’s decision to locate
in this place and will give her and her brother a hearty
welcome. –Lebanon Criterion.
Miss Crawford has made a host of friends during her residence
in this city, and is a lady whom Corvallis can ill afford to lose.
However, she has the best wishes of her many friends for future
success in the new home.” Corvallis gazette, August 04, 1908, pg. 3, col. 4.