Cromwell, Oscar (Salem)

Oscar Cromwell (Salem)
1860’s Salem
In the 1865 East Cascades directory is listed a different Cromwell, name W. J. Cromwell, in Idaho City. Hart lists W. J. as being in Idaho City in 1864, and in Pioneer City, Idaho, in 1866.
Directory Listings
Mautz Oregon “Cromwell, 1870, Salem”, “Crawford, 1880 Lakeview”, “Cromwell, O. 1880, Bonanza”
Photographer’s Imprints
“Oscar Cromwell, Photo” cabinet card, stamped imprint on back
“Cromwell, Lakeview, Oregon” cabinet card, engraved back
“Gray & Cromwell, Photographers, State Street, Salem, Oregon.” (CDV, rubber stamp imprint on back, subject died 1867) (OHS collection)
Palmquist, Peter, unpublished research notes. Summary: Oscar Cromwell was born in 1838. He was active in Millville Ca on 12 April 1879, also in 1880. Cabinet card imprinted Bonanza, Oregon. Active Redding CA in 1884. Traveled Millville, Shasta, 1877-1916.