Darling, Belle (Forest Grove)

Darling, Belle
Darling & Ingersoll
1915-1919 Forest Grove
Directory Listings
1915 POW pg. 1491 photographers “Darling & Ingersoll, Forest Grove O”
1917 POW pg. 1534 photographers “Darling & Ingersoll, Forest Grove O”
News Items and Advertisements
1908: “Mrs. C. L. Large and Misses Dee and Belle Darling went over to Newport for a week’s stay by the sea.” Washington County News (Forest Grove) 2 January 1908. (courtesy Eric Stewart)
1919: “HOLOCAUST OF FLAME SWEEPS CITY SUNDAY … The photograph gallery across the street from the Sanford building, owned by Miss Belle Darling, was then on fire and the adjoining buildings owned by J. N. Hoffman were threatened as well … The buildings occupied by the photograph gallery was burned and the two-story office next to it, both owned by mayor J. N. Hoffman, suffered heavy loss … Fire Losses … Photo Gallery – Occupied by Miss Belle Darling. No insurance. Loss on stock, furniture, etc., $500. Building owned by J. N. Hoffman. Loss $500.” Washington County News-Times (Forest Grove) 24 July 1919. (courtesy Eric Stewart)
1919: “FOREST GROVE HIT BY CONFLAGRATION … Many Buildings Burn … Frame structure north of Caples building, occupied by Miss Belle Darling as a photograph gallery and owned by Mayor J. N. Hoffman of Forest Grove. Loss to building $400; to photograph gallery stock and instruments, $400; total, $800 …” Oregonian, 21 July 1919 (courtesy Eric Stewart)
1960: (obituary of Dee Darling, sister of Belle) “… A brother, Charles, and two sisters, Belle Darling and Wilifred Aldrich, all longtime residents here, predeceased her.” Washington County News-Times (Forest Grove) 4 August 1960. (courtesy Eric Stewart)