Davidson, D. A. (Monmouth)

Davidson, D. A. and F. C. (Monmouth)
Davidson’s Studio
1909-1917 Monmouth
Directory Listings
1910 Or pg. 256 Monmouth “Davidson’s Studio, Photographer”
1911 POW pg. 236 Monmouth “Davidson, D A photographer”
1913 POW pg. 1948 photographers “Davidson, D. A., Monmouth O”
1917 POW pg. 1534 photographers “Davidson, D. A., Monmouth O”
Photographer’s Imprints
“Davidson Studio, Monmouth, Ore.” blind stamp on print folder
News Items and Advertisements:
1909: “Mr. Davidson, our photographer, is doing fine work in his line. He complains of not having enough time. This speaks well for the patronage which the people are giving him. Now is a good time to get pictures. It’s a good thing to get a new picture once in a awhile so that we can ‘see ourselves as others see us.” Independence enterprise, January 29, 1909, pg. 5, col. 4-5.
1915: “Mumps are swell affairs, and among those afflicted this week are … F. C Davidson, the photographer.” The Monmouth herald, March 26, 1915, pg. 6, col. 1.