Davis, S. P. (Oregon City)

Davis, S. P.  (Oregon City)

Directory Listings

1916 OC pg. 47 Oregon City “Davis, S. P. (Emma A.) Sec Title & Investment Co., photographer, 927 Madison, res same, Tel Pac 214-R”

Photographer’s Imprints

“S. P. Davis, 927 Madison St., Oregon City, Commercial Photographer, Specialties: Home Portraiture, Indoors Or Out, Artistic Views of Residences, Interior or Exterior, Automobile Parties, Floral Decorations, Landscapes, Animals, Etc. Also Copying and Enlarging. Prices Reasonable. Satisfaction Guaranteed. For Information or Engagement Call or Phone Evenings. Phone No. 2144″ (printed sticker on back of card mount with 8″ x 10” print of 1914 class at local school)