Day, Sarah E., Mrs. (Portland)

Day, Sarah E., Mrs.


Directory Listings

1892 PCD pg. 370 “Day, Mrs, res 524 Market”

1893 PCD pg. 347 “Day, Mrs. Sarah E photographer 537 Albina av, res same”

1895 PCD not listed

1896 PCD pg. 257 “Day, Sarah E (wid) bds 449 6th”

1897 PCD pg. 242 “Day, Sarah A (wid De W C) bds 48 E 9th N”

1898 PCD not listed

1899 pg. 243 “Day, Sarah A (wid D W C) bds 48 E 9th N”

1900 PCD not listed

1901 PCD pg. 240 “Day, Sarah A (wid Dewitt C), bds 48 e 9th N.”

1903 PCD not listed

Photographer’s Imprints

“S. E. Day, Lower Albina” cabinet card rubber stamped front (Robert Brown)

News Items and Advertisements
“Bird Family Reunited, 100 Descendants Organize Association, Experiences in Crossing Plains and Settling in West Recalled” Mrs. Sarah E. Day of Salem is listed as attending. Oregonian, September 27, 1921, pg. 16


Brown, Robert O., Nineteenth Century Portland, Oregon Photographers: A Collector’s Handbook (author; Portland, 1991) pg. 59