Dealey, Charles A. (Portland)

Charles A. Dealey (Portland)

Directory Listings

1895 PCD pg. 257 “Dealey, Charles A, viewer W H Ribelin, res 475 Washington”

1896 PCD pg. 243 “Dealey, Charles A, photographer, res 431 Washington, res same”

1897 PCD pg. 238 “Dealey, Charles A, photographer, 45 1/2 Union av, saloon 49 same, res 45 1/2 same”

1898 -1903 PCD not listed

Mautz California pg. 8 “Dealey, Charles Allen, 1898-1904, San Francisco” “Dealey Brothers (C Allen and George L) 1900-1901 San Francisco

News Items and Advertisements: 

1896: “From the Oregonian of August 13, 1896. Mayor Pennoyer’s reconstructed fire department proved itself incapable of handling a fire that started late last night in the photograph gallery of Charles A. Dealey on Washington street.” quoted in ” Twenty-Five Years Ago” Oregonian, August 13, 1921, pg. 8.

1896: “We are Glad to Announce that C. A. Dealey, of the late Elite, No. 431 Washington street, has opened a new Elite photo studio at 45 1/2 Union avenue, where he will be pleased to see his old customers as well as new.” Sunday Oregonian, September 13, 1896, pg. 5.


Palmquist, Peter, unpublished research notes. Summary: Charles Dealey was a San Francisco photographer in 1892. He is listed at 1004 McAllister, San Francisco, in 1898. He is a partner in Dealey Bros (Charles and George L Dealey) in 1900. He was located at 1379 Vallejo in San Francisco in 1902.

Brown, Robert O., Nineteenth Century Portland, Oregon Photographers: A Collector’s Handbook (author; Portland, 1991) pg. 59-60