DeGroot, Henry (Corvallis)

Henry DeGroot (Corvallis)

Directory Listings

1884 POWI pg. 118 Corvallis “DeGroot & Morris (Henry DeGroot, Charles Morris), photographers”

1886 Pacific Coast pg. 994 “DeGroot, H. photographer.”

1886 POWI pg. 134 “DeGroot, Henry, photographer.”

Mautz Oregon “DeGroot, 1880-1886, Corvallis”


Palmquist, Peter, unpublished research notes. Summary: There were two Henry DeGroot photographers, a Jr. and Sr.

Jr. was born in New York.

Sr. was in California by 1854 at the Cosmopolitan Photo Gallery in San Francisco. He was at 525 Kearney St 1869-1870.