Dix, Thomas H. (Independence)

Thomas H. Dix (Independence)

Editors note: When Dix arrived in Independence, he also bought out a large machine shop, which he sold shortly thereafter. He kept the studio going briefly and sold it that year.
1914-1915 Independence
Directory Listings
1915 POW pg. 1491 photographers “Dix, T. H., Independence O”
Photographer’s Imprints
“Dix Studio, Independence, Ore.” blind stamp on 8×10 mount, 5 x 7 print, ms date September 1914. shot of Hop field workers.

News Items and Advertisements:
1914: “PHOTOGRAPHER LOCATED — Thos. H, Dix of Alaska Purchases Studio Here. –Thos. H. Dix of Alaska, an up-to-date photographer has just purchased the photograph gallery of Mr. Davies and is planning a fine gallery for Independence. He is having the place rewired in the work room so as to get best light service for his developing and finishing work. He has shipped in quite a large amount of fixtures and other material and expects to get most of the trade in his line that has heretofore gone to Portland and Salem. He will take pictures day or night, rain or shine, and can give the very best results.” Independence monitor, March 05, 1914, pg. 1, col. 5.

1914: “T. H. Dix returned from Newport Monday and will remodel his photograph gallery by improving the skylight.” Independence monitor, August 14, 1914, pg. 1, col. 3.

1914: “BUSINESS WOMAN. Miss Iris W. Markley has purchased the photograph shop of T. H. Dix and is now in charge. She is an experienced hand at the business having had several years experience in Hood River.” Independence monitor, November 06, 1914, pg. 1, col. 4.