Downing, W. H. (Portland)

W. H. Downing (Portland)

Directory Listings
1913 Polk’s Portland Blue Book pg. 60, membership roster of the Oregon Camera Club “Downing, W. H.”

News Items and Advertisements.
1919: “Sourdough Feed Scheduled. Arrangements are being made by the Alaska Society of Oregon for a ‘sourdough feed,’ scheduled for Monday Evening at 7 o’clock in the Imperial Hotes, February 10. Reservations are being made with W. H. Downing, 224 Abington Building, phone Main 2105 … ” Sunday Oregonian, February 2, 1919, pg. 10, cols. 5-6.
1919: “Alaska Society Names Committees. The Alaska society has named a reminiscence committee consisting of Judge M. F. Moran, Mrs. F. W. Swanton and H. J. Thorne to receive from the members a record of their experiences with a view in compiling a history of Alaska. President W. H. Downing and Secretary E. H. Collis were instructed to prepare postcards calling attention to the Oregon-ALaska society and its aims and inviting Alaskans to visit the city. An entertainment committee, consisting of Mrs. F. W. Swanton. J. Frank Sinnott, R. W, Thompson, Mrs. Josephine Stott, Mrs. R. L Bernard and H. R. Frey, was appointed to arrange for a sourdough ball to be held in the near future.” Morning Oregonian, March 3, 1919, pg. 9, col. 1.