DuVall, Clarke or Charles M. (Hillsboro, Portland, The Dalles)

DuVall, Clarke or Charles M. (1851 or 1852- )


1872 Hillsboro

1873-1875 East Portland

1875-1890 The Dalles

1890 Goldendale WA

1901-1909 Colfax, WA

Genesee, ID

Moscow ID

Directory Listings

1873 Or pg. 289 East Portland “Duvall, C M photographer”

1873 PD pg. 261 East Portland “Duvall, C. M. photographist res J, bet Sixth and Seventh”

1873 SD pg. 333 East Portland “DuVall, C., (Hall & DuVall) resides I between Fifth and Sixth”; pg. 334 “Hall & DuVall, (W. Hall and C. DuVall) resides I between Fifth and Sixth”; “Hall, Wm., (Hall & DuVall) resides I between Fifth and Sixth”

1874 PD and SD not listed

1875 SD pg. 296 East Portland “DuVall, C. M., photographer, I bet Fourth and Fifth, res Tenth bet L and M”

1875 PD pg. 194 East Portland “DuVall, Clarke, photographer, n s I bet Fourth and Fifth, res L bet Seventh and Eighth”

1903 POW pg. 520 Colfax WA “DuVall, Charles L (sic) photgr”

1905 POW pg. 662 Colfax WA “DuVall, Charles L (sic) photgr”

1907 POW pg. 738 Colfax WA “Duvall, Charles M, photgr”

1909 POW pg. 695 Colfax, WA “Duvall, Charles M, photgr”

Mautz Washington “DuVall, C. M., 1890, Goldendale”

Photographer’s Imprints

“C. M. DU VALL, ARTIST” blind stamp on CDV, Forest Grove subject, ms note taken about 1878. (this may not be a reliable date) (WCM # LP72-282/279-26)

“C. M. DU VALL, ARTIST” blind stamp on CDV, ms note taken July 1872 at Hillsboro Ore. (WCM # LP72-1332/1394-142)

“C. M. DU VALL, ARTIST” blind stamp on tintype mount, local subject (WCM # LP72-2010/2101-164)

“C. M. DU VALL, ARTIST” blind stamp on 5 1/2 x 7 1/4 print of home of James Barlow in Oregon City (OHS)

“C. M. DuVall Moscow, Idaho” cabinet card, imprinted front

“C. M. DuVall, Genesee, Idaho” cabinet card, imprinted front

“C. M. DuVall, Photographer, Goldendale, Washington” cabinet card, imprinted front

“Du Vall, Moscow, Idaho.” cabinet card, imprinted front

“C. M. DuVall, Photographer, The Dalles, Og’n. Negatives preserved. Special attention paid to photographing Babies” cabinet card, imprinted back. (Terray Harmon)

News Items and Advertisements

1874: “GOING TO LEAVE.- Mr. Duvall is going to leave in a few days. Come in now country girls and everybody before the end of this week or the first of next and have your pictures taken. Mr. DuVall is an obliging artist and will not let you leave unsatisfied.” The Independent, (Forest Grove) 11 June 1874, pg. 3, col. 1

1874: “DuVall will give you first class picture or non at all.” The Independent, (Forest Grove) 25 June 1874, pg. 3, col. 2.

1874: Review of the Washington County Fair “Photograph galleries, conducted by Lewis & Cronse, A. H. Starkweather and C. M. Duvall are situated in the main thoroughfare.” Morning Oregonian, September 29, 1874, pg. 1, col. 7.

1875: “If you want a first class picture call on DuVall. He still glories in taking baby pictures. Give him a call and satisfy yourself. Pictures from 50 cents up to $50.” Weekly Mountaineer, (The Dalles) 18 Dec 1875 pg. 2 col. 5 (regular insertion, last insertion)

1876: “Mr. C. M. DuVall, the photographic artist, has moved into B. Worsley & Bros. Gallery, in the rear of their store, where he will be found prepared to take all kinds of pictures.” Weekly Mountaineer, (The Dalles) 8 Jan 1876 pg. 2 col. 5.

1876: Letter to Senator J. Mitchell inviting him to speak in The Dalles. signed B. S. Worsley, W. S. Worsley, J. H. Worsley, C. H. DuVall. (sic)” Daily Bee (Portland) 13 October 1876, pg. 3, col. 1

1901: Listed as attending the photographer’s convention in Portland “C. M. DuVall, Colfax, Washington.” Morning Oregonian, October 04, 1901, pg. 7, col. 3


Photographer’s Association of the Pacific Northwest, Programme of Seventh Annual Convention, September 3rd – 6th, 1907, Seattle; n.p. 1907. (unpaginated) “Members Photographic Association of the Pacific Northwest 1907…DuVall, C. M.—Colfax, Wash…”

Hines, Rev. H. K. History of Washington, 1893 “C. M. DuVall, an enterprising citizen of Goldendale, is a product of the progressive spirit of the age, and has done his share in the carrying forward the movement which goes to form a high civilization. Following is a brief outline of his career: He is a native of the State of Missouri, born November 19, 1852. His parents John and Christiana (Powell) DuVall, were natives of Missouri and Iowa, respectively. In 1853 they crossed the plains with their children, and located in Portland, Oregon; there our subject received his education, and at the age of twenty began the study of photography; he has since devoted himself to the art, and has a studio in the business center of the city of Goldendale where he is prepared to do the most artistic work; he has been established in this place three years, and in that time has gained an enviable reputation.

Seeking an investment for the means he had accumulated, Mr. DuVall purchased a tract of 160 acres, forty-five of which are under cultivation. In March, 1892, he became connected with Henry D. Young in the furniture and undertaking business; they formed a partnership, the firm name being regarded as one of the most substantial corporations of the county. (Young & DuVall Company)

In politics Mr. DuVall adheres with great zeal to the principles of the republican party. He has served as clerk of the City Council, and was elected Justice of the Peace in 1890; he was re-elected in 1893, his administration being characterized as just and honorable to a high degree. He is a member of the I. O. O. F., and belongs to the encampment at Walla Walla.

He was united in marriage at The Dalles, Oregon, in 1875, to Miss Sarah J. Worsley, a native of New Jersey. They are the parents of three children: Claudia M., Clinton C. and a daughter deceased.” (courtesy Michael Cirelli) (note he later had a gallery at Worsley’s store)

Mallett, Mary Powell; Courageous People. (privately printed 1972) This book is a general history of early Gresham, Ore. pg. 47 states that Clark M. DuVall was born on November 19, 1851, quoting as a source a genealogical letter from William D. Gibson, a related descendant. He was the son of John H. DuVall and Christian Powell.