Eastman, Gilman L. ( Astoria, The Dalles, Portland. Oregon City, Pendleton)

Eastman, Gilman L. (1848- )

1891 Colfax WA, Dayton WA, The Dalles, Walla Walla ID, Olympia WA, Pullman WA
1887-1897 Portland
1890 Oregon City
1898 Pendleton

Employee Listings
Brown, James, photographer for G. L. Eastman 1897
Shanafelt, William F., photographer for G. L. Eastman 1892-1893, mngr for G L Eastman 1894

Directory Listings
1887 PCD pg. 202 “Eastman, George L artist 229 5th, rms same”
1888 PCD pg. 231 “Eastman, Gilman L artist 195 1st, res same”
1889 PCD pg. 234 “Eastman, Gilman L photographer, 283 1st res same”
1889 POWI pg. 388 Portland “Eastman, Gilman L photographer, 281 1/2 1st and 169 3rd”
1890 PCD pg. 223 “Eastman, Gilman L photographer, 283 1st and 169 3rd, res 283 1st”
1891 POWI pg. 744 Colfax, WA “Eastman, Gilman L., photographer”, pg. 762 Dayton WA “Eastman, G. L., photographer”, pg. 446 Portland, “Eastman, Gilman L., artist, 169 N East Side and 69 1/2 B”, pg. 590, The Dalles “Eastman, G. L., photographer”
1891 PCD pg. 272 “Eastman, Gilman L photographer, 281 1/2 1st res same”
1892 PCD pg. 399 “Eastman, Gilman L, photographer, 388 E Morrison and 131 Russell, res 388 E Morrison”
1893 PCD pg. 376 “Eastman, Gilman L, photographer, 388 E Morrison rms 354 4th”
1894 PCD pg. 311 “Eastman, Gilman L, photographer, 2 6th N, res 203 1/2 1st”
1895 PCD pg. 278 “Eastman, Gilman L, (Eastman & Wallace), photographer, 203 1/2 1st, 2 6th N, 388 E Morrison, r 203 1/2 First”; “Eastman & Wallace (Gilman L Eastman, Wm F Wallace), job printers, 203 1/2 First”
1896 PCD pg. 262 “Eastman, Gilman L, photographer, 203 1/2 1st, 2 6th N, printer 203 1/2 First rms 291 2d”
1897 PCD pg. 257 “Eastman, Gilman L, photographer and printer, 203 1/2 1st and 167 4th, res 203 1/2 1st”
Mautz Oregon “Eastman, Prof. G. L., 1890, Baker, Elgin, & Portland”

Photographer’s Imprints
“Photos of the Great Flood Portland, Or. June 1894. Prof. G. L. Eastman Cor, First and Taylor Streets.” printed label tipped on 7 3/4″ x 9 3/4″ mount with 6″ x 8″ print.
“Eastman, First and Jefferson” small portrait
“Eastman, First and Jefferson Sts., 169 Third Street, Portland, Or., N St. bet Fourth and Fifth, East Portland, Or.” small portrait printed front, addresses and duplicate negative info on back.
“Prof. G. L. Eastman, E. Morrison, bet 4th and 5th, Portland, Ore..; Olympia, Wash; Colfax, Wash.”
“Newcastle Block, Lower Albina, Oregon. Eastman. N Street, bet. 4th and 5th, East Portland Or., Colfax, Wash., Chehalis, Wash.”
“Eastman, First and Jefferson Sts. Portland, Oregon, and N St. bet Fourth and Fifth, East Portland, Or.” cabinet card printed front
“Prof. G. L. Eastman, cor. First & Taylor, Sixth and Ankeny, 388 E. Morrison, Portland, Oregon.” printed cabinet front.
“Prof. G. L. Eastman, Cor. First & Taylor, 111 1/2 Third Bet Washington & Stark, Sixth and Ankeny, 388 E. Morrison, Portland, Oregon.” cabinet card printed front.
“Eastman, First above Jefferson St., Portland, Oregon; Cor 2nd and Federal Streets, The Dalles, Oregon; N St. Bet Fourth and Fifth, East Portland; 3d St., near Cooper’s Store Astoria, Or.” printed cabinet front.
“Eastman, Artist, 283 First St., Cor. Jefferson, Portland, Oregon” printed front cabinet card.

News Items and Advertisements
1890: “NEW PHOTOGRAPH GALLERY Prof G. L. Eastman, of Portland, whose work needs no recommendation, has erected and opened a new photograph gallery in this city near the Cliff house, where he is prepared to make the very best of pictures. Parties desiring extra fine Cabinet will find this gallery the best place in the state to get suited. Work guaranteed to every particular.” The Enterprise (Oregon City) 23 January 1890 pg. 3, col. 4.
1890: “Fine Photographs.- Taken in any weather at the new gallery opposite the woolen mill. Prof. Eastman will be present in person for a few days yet and parties desiring fine work should call at once. Call and examine the work.”; “Prof. Eastman preserves all negatives so that parties getting pictures of him may be sure of additional pictures without resitting.” The Enterprise (Oregon City) 30 January 1890 pg. 3, col. 1.
1891: “Mr. L. A. Conella, representing R. L. Polk & Co., the directory publishers, is in the city soliciting for the next state volume.” Wasco County Sun, (The Dalles) 1 April 1891 pg. 3 col. 2.
1891: “New Photograph Gallery. Prof. G. L. Eastman, of 281 1/2 First Street, Portland, Or., has opened a photograph gallery in this city on the corner of Fourth and Alder street. To introduce his work, for the first few days he will make photographs cheaper than ever before.” The Walla Walla Statesman (Walla Walla WA), 24 April 1891, pg. 3, col. 2. (courtesy Michael Cirelli)
1890: “Everybody getting best cabinet photographs at Professor Eastman’s gallery, $2 a dozen, N street, between Fourth and Fifth, East Portland” Oregonian, 14 May 1890 pg. 5, col. 2.
1890: “Mr. G. L. Eastman, of Portland, Oregon, has opened a photographic studio in this city” Washington Standard, (Olympia WA) 5 September 1890 pg. 3 col. 1 (courtesy Michael Cirelli)
1898: “Photographs at Half Price. A new photograph gallery has been opened up in the La Dow block, next door to the Y. M. C. A. rooms, by Professor G. L. Eastman, of Portland. The first 50 dozen photos will be taken at half-price. Those wishing to take advantage of the offer should call early, as orders are coming in rapidly.” Pendleton Tribune, 9-11 June 1898.
1898: “Now is the Time. Today and tomorrow I will make photos for 50 cents a dozen at the new gallery, LaDow block. This is a stylish photo, the latest. Just suited to exchange with your friends. Prof. G. L. Eastman.” Pendleton Tribune, 21-26 June 1898.
1898: “Photographs are still being taken at reduced rates at Eastman’s gallery, La Dow block.” Pendleton Tribune, 6 July – 5 September 1898.

Brown, Robert O., Nineteenth Century Portland, Oregon Photographers: A Collector’s Handbook (author; Portland, 1991) pg. 60-62
Bunchgrass Historian, Fall 1979, pg. 11 “A room in the old wooden Pullman Hotel located between the O. R. & N. Railroad Station and the tracks at that time was used for a photograph gallery by G. M. Eastman in December 1894” (courtesy Robert King)