Eastom, Charles E. (Portland)

Eastom, Charles E.                                                                           Portland

Boyce & Eastom

Directory Listings

1901 PCD pg. 264 “Eastom, Charles E, asst mngr Chicago Fine Art Assn, rms 517 Goodnough bldg.” (Please see listing of Draper in this book)

1903 PCD pg. 315 “Eastom, Charles E, sol, rms Goodnough Bldg”

1904 PCD pg. 352 not listed

1905 PCD pg. 383 “Easton (sic) Charles, rms 386 1st”

1906 PCD pg. 388 “Eastom, Charles E, portraits, 126 12th, rms Goodnough bldg”

1907 POW pg. 373 Portland: “Boyce & Eastom (Charles A. Boyce, Charles E. Eastom) portraits 126 12th.”

1907 PCD not listed

1909 PCD pg. 510 “Easton, Charles E (Standard art Co. res 231 1/2 Halsey”, “Standard Art Co. (J. J. Casey, C. E. Easton), 392 Morrison”

News Items and Advertisements.

1916: Vancouver Marriage Licenses. Eastom-Coleman. Charles E. Eastom, 40, of Prtland and Mres Pearl V. Coleman, 23, of Portland. Oregonian, May 26, 1916, pg. 21.