Eddy, Ralph J. & Watson B. (Oregon City, Portland)

Eddy, Ralph J.
Eddy, Watson B.
1910 Portland
1915-1925 Oregon City (Ralph)
Directory Listings
1904 PCD Not listed
1907 PCD not listed
1909 PCD pg. 512 “Eddy, Ralph J, clk Lipman, W & Co, res 567 E Oak”; “Eddy, Watson B, res 567 E Oak”
1910 PCD pg. 378 “Eddy, Ralph J photgr b W B Eddy”, “Eddy, Watson B h Sandy rd and E 70th N”
1911 PCD pg. 479 “Eddy, Ralph chauffeur r 45 19th N”
1915 PCD pg. 417 “Eddy, Watson B (Ella C) h 1784 Sandy blvd”
1916 OC pg. 49 Oregon City “Eddy, Ralph J. (Lillie) slsmn W. B. Eddy, res 616 3d”, also “Eddy, Watson B. (Ella C) Dry Goods, Shoes, 526 Main, Tel Pac 185-W, Res 302 Center, Tel 257-W” plus display ad.
1915 POW pg. 1491 photographers “Eddy, R. J., Oregon City O”
1925 POW pg. 290 Oregon City “Eddy, Ralph J photog”; “Eddy, Watson B dry gds”
Eddy, Ralph J.; “Camera Adventures in Structural Engineering” Camera Craft, November 1927, pg. 525-529. 5 illus. detailed article about photographing the construction of the Willamette River bridge at Oregon City.
Burg, Amos; “A Native Son’s Rambles in Oregon” National Geographic, February 1934, pg. 173-234. Ralph J. Eddy photo on pg. 217.