Ellis, Perry (Hillsboro)

Perry Ellis (Hillsboro)
Few Studio

Photographer’s Imprints
“Perry Ellis, Seventh & Baseline Sts., Hillsboro, Or.” (WCM #LP72-161/158-61)
“Perry Ellis, Cor. Seventh & Baseline Sts., Hillsboro, Or.” 8 x 10 print on mount, printed front (WCM #LP72-363/410-84)
News Items and Advertisements
1899: “I am now prepared to make photographs in my new studio five blocks east of the Court House, corner 7th and Baseline streets. Perry Ellis, Hillsboro, Feb. 22” Argus, (Hillsboro), 23 February 1899 (courtesy Eric Stewart)
1899: “Mr. Ellis, Sr., of 7th and Baseline chopped off his left thumb yesterday while splitting kindling.” Argus, (Hillsboro), 30 March 1899 (courtesy Eric Stewart)
1899: “I will make a picture of all babies brought to my new studio, May 17, 1899 free of charge. Perry Ellis, Photographer, Hillsboro, Oregon.” Argus, (Hillsboro), 4 April 1899 (courtesy Eric Stewart)
1899: “For superior Photos call at the new studio, five blocks east of the Court House.” Argus, (Hillsboro), 27 April 1899 (courtesy Eric Stewart)
1899: “The new studio at 7th & Baseline, Hillsboro is turning out some of the finest art in the line of photographic work ever seen in Washington county. If you want photos with tone, finish, and technique give this studio a call. Everything up to date.” Argus, (Hillsboro), 6 July – 3 August 1899 (courtesy Eric Stewart)
1899: “Mr. Ellis, though in Hillsboro but a few months, has a fine collection of portrait work. Call and examine all his work. It will please you, as well as pay you.”, “For the finest photos of the Volunteer reception in the court yard, go to the Few Studio, Seventh and Baseline Streets.” Argus, (Hillsboro), 31 August 1899 (courtesy Eric Stewart)
1909: “Perry Ellis, a former Hillsboro photographer, and who knows the art family throughout, was in town from Hillsdale, Saturday, accompanied by Mrs. Ellis. He is handling real estate and farming.” Argus, (Hillsboro), 10 June 1909 (courtesy Eric Stewart)
1909: “Perry Ellis and wife, of Hillsdale, passed through the city Friday, enroute to Crystal Springs, a resort owned by Mr. Ellis, above Gales Creek. He has a spring that has curative waters, and an ideal place it is for camping purposes. Next week he will take in a party from San Francisco, who will try camping for a time. Ellis has his own team and meets parties wishing to camp at Forest Grove. The Argus will follow Mr. Ellis to Gales Creek during his sojourn.” Argus, (Hillsboro), 13 July 1909 (courtesy Eric Stewart)
1912: “Notice.Hunting or otherwise trespassing on the Crystal Springs Farm, in Section 25, T. 1 N. R. 5 W., joining the Ladd estate, will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Kittie M. Ellis, Perry Ellis.” The Hillsboro argus, May 02, 1912, pg. 2, col. 5.
1913: “Perry Ellis of Forest Grove called on the Owl (newspaper) last week. Mr. Ellis had a Photograph Gallery in Hillsboro one time, later he came to Beaverton and bought a place 1 mile east of town where he still retains a fine rock quarry.” The O“wl. (Beaverton), March 08, 1913, pg. 4, col. 2.
1915: “Ellis Case Attracts Attention In Court. Brother and Sister Brought From Gales Creek for Examination. Chapter of Troubles is Related. Minds Over-Wrought from Misfortune Examined for Insanity. Perry Ellis and sister, Kittie M. Ellis, of above Gales Creek, were brought before Judge Reasoner the last of the week for examination as to their sanity. Dr. F. A. Bailey was the examining physician, and M. B. Bump and Attorney Garrigus, the latter of Portland, appeared in behalf of the Ellis brother and sister. One witness swore that he lived in their neighborhood, and that the two were irresponsible. That both seem imbued with the idea that someone is bring to poison their spring and do them other injuries is patent.
Ellis’ attorney exhibited a letter from Dr. Tamiesie, written some years ago, showing that their well below Beaverton contained poison. Ellis contends that the water was taken from the well, and that it was brought there for the purpose of killing off the family.
Perry Ellis was well known in this city several years ago, when he conducted a photograph studio. He was a fine workman and had a considerable business. From here he and his father and sister moved down on the Portland mountain, where the sister still owns a piece of land, as well as the brother. They moved up to Crystal Springs several years back. For some years Perry has been freely saying that people tried to poison his well, or spring, attempted to kill his stock, and he also contended that someone was trying to steal his livestock. A year or so ago the Humane officers interfered with the way he was feeding his horses, and Ellis imagined that some one was prosecuting him. When the baby was killed a week ago Sunday the brother and sister were beside themselves. Coroner Barrett went to the home three days after the death and the chid was still in the house. The official buried the little one and would not allow the family to attend, fearing there would be trouble. Both brother and sister have the same hallucinations as to persecution, and the case is a sad one. Their property, both on the Portland mountain and on the Gales Creek heights, is heavily mortgaged and foreclosure proceedings have been started on one. …” (both are committed to the state hospital. Perry is age 51.) The Hillsboro argus,July 08, 1915, pg. 1, col. 5.