Favorite, Thomas J. & Mrs. Irena (Umatilla County)

Favorite, Thomas J. (1836- )
Favorite, Irena, Mrs. (1839- )
1870 Umatilla County
News Items and Advertisements
1865: “Idaho and Montana Items…T. J. Favorite, of the Idaho Radiator, has been to Blackfoot, and gives his views of the new country…” Oregonian, 9 October 1865, pg. 3, col. 3.
1865: “We yesterday received a visit from…Mr. T. J. Favorite of the Radiator, Lewiston. Those gentlemen are stopping for a few days in the city.” Oregonian, 4 November 1865, pg. 3, col. 1.
1866: “MONTANA RADIATOR.- We have just received the first number of this paper, published by J. J. Favorite, at Helena City. It is presented on brown paper, and contains fifteen columns of reading matter. The Radiator exhibits a small advertising patronage. It is full of local news, and was edited, in the absence of Mr. Favorite, by Bruce Smith, formerly of this valley…” Oregonian, 16 February 1866, pg. 3, col. 1.
Palmquist, Peter, The Photographers of the Humboldt Bay Region, 1880-1885, pg. 65-66. Biography of Mrs. Irena Favorite. quotations from Humboldt county newspapers 1880-1882.
Palmquist, Peter, Shadowcatchers, pg. 65-66. according to the federal census of 1870, Umatilla County, Oregon, pg. 346, Thomas J. Favorite was born in Maryland in 1836 and was listed an an “artist photographer”. Irena Favorite was born in Pennsylvania in 1839 and was listed as an “artist photographer”. They had a son, Charles L., born 1870 in Oregon.
On 9 November 1880, Irena purchased a lot in Humboldt County. The Daily Humbolt Times of 23 April 1881 records her moving to Rohnerville to be a photographer. The Daily Humbolt Times of 20 July – 16 October 1881 has an advertisement of her operating a gallery there.
Branting, Steven D. Historic Firsts of Lewiston, Idaho; Unintended Greatness. Contains information about Thomas J. Favorite founding Lewiston’s first newspaper, the North Idaho Radiator.