Gardner, E. O., Mrs. (Portland)

Mrs. E. O. Gardner (Portland)

News Items
1898: account of exhibition by Oregon Camera Club, list of prints”…By Mrs. F (sic). O. Gardner, ‘Over the Windy Hills’…”, “Sun Used by Artists”, Sunday Oregonian, 9 October 1898 pg. 15.

1904: “Mrs. E. O. Gardner, with a number of her young lady friends, spent Friday afternoon in a delightful manner at Macleay Park. A dainty luncheon was served, after which the party proceeded to Inspiration Point. When the shades of evening began to fall, the merry party descended, delighted with the afternoon’s ramble in the woods.” Sunday Oregonian, July 03, 1904, sec. 3, pg. 19, col. 5.

1904: “Mrs. E. O. Gardner will open her School of Shorthand on Monday, Sept. 19, room 629, Marquam bldg.” Sunday Oregonian, September 18, 1904, sec. 3, pg. 19, col. 1.

1912: listed as member of the executive and advisory board of the State Equal Suffrage League. Sunday Oregonian, December 01, 1912, pg. 14, col. 1.

Oregon Camera Club, Sixth Annual Print Exhibition, October 29 to November 3 1900, Portland; np nd, unpaginated, “List of Members…Gardner, Mrs. E. O. …”