Gavin, A. (Portland)

A. Gavin (Portland)

Directory Listings
1913 Polk’s Portland Blue Book pg. 60, membership roster of the Oregon Camera Club “Gavin, A.”
News Items
1898: account of exhibition by Oregon Camera Club “A. Gavin has done wonderfully well in several of the pictures in his group. One, ‘Columbia River Scene,’ and another, ‘Moonlight Near Vancouver,’ are fine examples of the correct distribution of high-lights and reflections. The last named is finished in rich brown tones.”, “Sun Used by Artists”, Sunday Oregonian, 9 October 1898 pg. 15
1902: “GAVIN, A., Portland, Or. ‘Evening Glow’ is a small print in red, surrounded by a heavy board frame that does much to lend interest to a rather prosaic subject” Camera Craft, Vol. IV, No. 3, January 1902. pg. 127.
1903 see Oregon Camera Club listing Morning Oregonian, July 13, 1903, pg. 12
Special Papers
Oregon Camera Club, account ledger, manuscript, pay to “A. Gavin – Flowers for Dalgleish funeral” noted May 20, 1901.
Oregon Camera Club, Sixth Annual Print Exhibition, October 29 to November 3 1900, Portland; np nd, unpaginated, “List of Members…Gavin, A. …”, “Charter Members… A. Gavin…”, (List of Officers) “President A. Gavin”, “Committees…Executive Committee … A. Gavin…”, “Exhibition Committee A. Gavin, Chairman”, portrait with caption “A. Gavin, President”, List of Prints by A. Gavin at this exhibition:
58 Early Morn
59 The Landing
60 A Mountain Fastness
62 Evening in Port
63 The Path Through the Woods