Gerth, Frank J. (Portland)

Frank J. Gerth (Portland)

Brother of Earl Gerth (q.v.)

Photographer’s Imprints
“F. J. Gerth, Portland, Ore.” blind stamp on mount, 6 1/2 x 8 1/2 print of men indoors with 1911 calendar on wall.

Directory Listings
1904 PCD Not listed
1908 PCD not listed
1909 PCD pg. 597 “Gerth, Frank J, photo finisher Woodard, Clarke & Co, res Laurelwood Park”
1910 PCD pg. 450 “Gerth, Frank J, photgr G M Strong h 121 1/2 E 16th”
1911 PCD pg. 575 “Gerth, Frank J, photgr h 121 1/2 E 16th”
1912 PCD pg. 598 “Gerth, Frank J, photgr h 121 1/2 E 16th”
1913 PCD pg. 495 “Gerth, Frank J, photgr h 521 E 46th N”
1914 PCD pg. 613 “Gerth, Frank J (Charlotte) photgr The Oregonian h 430 E 53rd N”
1915 PCD pg. 497 “Gerth, Frank J (Lottie E) photgr The Oregonian h 430 E 53rd N” (also Gerth, Earl salsn Morgan Wall Paper Co same address)
1916 PCD pg. 503 “Gerth Frank J (Charlotte) photgr The Oregonian h 430 E 53d N”
1917 PCD pg. 451 “Gerth, Frank J (Lottie) photgr Oregonian h 16-345 Columbia”
1925 PCD Not listed

News Items and Advertisements

1911: “Young Clerk Drowns. Edwin Gerth Falls From Steamer J. N. Teal. Life Buoys Thrown to Him, but He Does Not Reappear — Body Is Soon Recovered by Grappler. — Edwin Gerth, of 121 1/2 East Eighteenth (sic- should be sixteenth) street, fell from the head line of the steamer J. N. Teal yesterday and was drowned. He was employed as a stock clerk at the Jones’ Cash store, and, with a companion, visited the dock at lunch time. The latter made the descent of the line, going to the bow of the vessel, but Gerth fell when he had got about half way. There were two deckhands aboard the Teal and they threw life buoys into the water, but Gerth did not reappear. On notification being given Harbormaster Speier he detailed Hugh Brady, the official grappler, to drag for the body. The latter was assembling his gear preparatory to going into the Clackamas River on a similar mission. Speier recovered the body within 15 feet of where Gerth fell. Gerth, who was 20 years old, is survived by his father, mother and one brother. Captain Buchanan, superintendent of the Open River Transportation Company, after questioning his men on the Teal, said that every effort had been made to save Gerth, but that he apparently could not swim.” Morning Oregonian, April 2, 1911, pg. 16.

1912: Photo published “Blue Mountains from Strawberry Lake. Photo by F. J. Gerth” full page in Oregonian,¬†February 25, 1912, sec. 6, pg. 1.

1918: “Men Wanted Here Attempt Jailbreak. Los Angeles, April 6. Wanted in Portland. Or., Lester A. Benfer and Frank Gerth attempted a jailbreak early Friday, but were frustrated. T. J. Benfer and Gerth are under indictment here charged with failure to support their families under the Oregon law. Their arrest in Los Angeles followed telegraphic instructions from the district attorney’s office.” Oregon Daily Journal, Apr 6, 1918, pg. 6

1918: “Prisoners Brought Back. — Lester Benfer and Frank Gerth, both under indictment here for non-support, were brought back from Los Angeles yesterday by Deputy Sheriff Rector. Both men fought extradition to Oregon and Rector was compelled to remain in the south three weeks before he was able to bring about their return to Portland.” Oregonian, April 12, 1918, pg. 11, col. 1.